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The Two People Who Will Take Your Life to Great Heights

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Austin: The Brains

Hey I'm Austin

After becoming a self-proclaimed (and by anyone who knows me) fitness guru, I turned more inward.

While I love and have a passion for writing health and fitness (as you'll see sporadically on here) I wanted to help inspire people to take their lives beyond what was ever thought possible.

I know stagnation and downward spring, as after recovering from being 30% body fat, depressed and seeing no light at the end of the tunnel to being so satisfied, attracting those I want around me and making my life what it should be (heck I even dropped out of school and moved to Florida from Michigan to work towards my dream.)

Finally, I realized that everything I was learning could directly benefit you, and now that is what I do.


In any and every way possible and that is what this is here for. Helping you create the best life possible.

Thanks for reading and get ready for your new life.

Adam: The Braun 


Hi I'm Adam


Four years ago I started a popular introductory weightlifting program and I fell in love. 

Now I want to help people the same way this program helped me: I want people to look and feel better than they ever thought was possible.

With the right diet, exercise, and lifestyle choices anyone can improve their body, mind, and spirit. 

I'm always trying new and exciting movements and recipes, so I tend to write about my experiences in the hopes that other people can benefit from them too.

My goal is to help YOU live the life you want without compromising your health.



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