5 Quick Gadgets To Biohack Your Life and Live Longer


Biohacking is our future, and quite coincidentally we don’t realize everything we can do today to improve health and boost longevity.

Over the past few months, I have been diving deeper and more directly into getting the gadgets and gizmos to contribute to improving my health and well-being.

These are the five quick items I use to biohack my health and live longer (for under $500)

1. An Inversion Table (For Increased Spinal Health and Circulation)

inersion table - biohack and live longer

The inversion table is a perfect toy, easily used, for improving both spine health and circulation.

It is one of my favorite “biohack tools.”

The reason is, by lying upside your spine is finally getting some rest from gravity, and can open up again.

When the spinal compression starts to reverse, and your joint pressure diminishes, many people see sciatic pain leave and their height either increase or return to normal.

Sitting hunched over day after day is something we aren’t supposed to do, but by flipping over vertically, we can reverse that a bit.

The other side to this is that inversion tables are good for your circulatory system and lymph fluid.

Essentially by flipping over your body can flush some of the waste from the lymphatic system by disposing of lactic acid.

Which in turn, allows the circulatory system and organs to function more smoothly as there isn’t any blockage or restriction from the lymph fluid.

*Use in the morning to flush the adrenals and at night to get rid of spinal compression form the day.

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2. A Mini Trampoline For Overall Longevity.

mini trampoline - biohack and live longer

Recently, after reading the benefits of trampolines, I purchased this one from Amazon (for only $28) which is changing my life.

The first proponent of a mini trampoline is that it immediately changes your mood to an active state.

Okay, well that just may be my friends and me, it can become an anchor to a good mood.

On the scientific side here is a brief list of what a trampoline can do for you:

  • Increase Lymph Fluid and improve circulation
  • Improve Immune Function
  • Strengthen the Skeletal System and Increase Bone Density
  • Increase Cell Energy and Oxygen Uptake
  • Give a Good Exercise

Honestly, there are a lot more benefits to mini trampolines (or regular sized trampolines, those are cool too.)

The most interesting are the fact that both the skeletal system improves as well as mitochondrial energy production (or metabolism.)

The skeletal muscular system was shown to improve in female dancers who compared training on either a trampoline or wood floor and ended not only with a stronger bone mass but the creation of more lean muscle tissue as well (2.)

Whereas using the trampoline for increased mitochondrial functioning makes sense because increasing energy expenditure, through strengthening muscle and bone, while decreasing stressful exercise (as there is an increased positive mood and flushing of the lymph) could work to improve cellular functioning.

All in all the trampoline gets a 10 out of 10 on the biohacking scale.

* Use a trampoline for 10-20 minutes daily

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3. A Sleep Induction Mat or Acupuncture Mat

sleep induction mat - biohack and live longer

Yes, this one is a bit painful, but sometimes accelerating our stress response (through cold showers and working out) while making us live longer comes at a cost.

This biohack is one that can be done so simply.

A sleep induction or acupuncture mat aims to activate an acute stress response as the needles are sharp and trust me they are sharp, but as you use it the benefits become evident.

You become able to relax while lying on this metaphorical bed of needles, releasing endorphins and strengthening your stress response.

Which leads to two significant benefits increasing sleep quality and relieving pain and muscle soreness

For lying on a mat during watching TV or doing some other biohacking activity, it’s worth it.

Not only have I, and others who have tried it, experienced increase relaxation and “feel good” like endorphin.

Which truly does help eliminate pain.

*Use for 5-15 minutes when waking up and going to sleep

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4. An Essential Oil Diffuser

essential oil diffuser - biohack and live longer

The primary benefit of this biohack is that you can make it whatever you like, choosing your essential oils purposefully.

Essential oils are a natural distillation of different herbs and plant sourced fragrances.

When inhaling the diffused natural oils of lavender, there is an increase in relaxation and blood flow to the brain, whereas diffusing peppermint into the air helps to awaken the sense and increase calm energy.

Either way, you use an oil diffuser (to help improve your health or the scent in your room), these cheap hacks help to get you in an ideal state.

Personally, I love to use the lavender at night before bed with a little tea tree oil. While using the peppermint with some orange in the morning to “wake up my senses.”

*Use to enliven or calm you down whenever desired

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5. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

blue light blocking glasses - biohack and live longer

Possibly the cheapest and easiest biohack to use is blue light blocking glasses.

As I have discussed previously in a few articles, blue light is horrible for our sleep and well-being.

It diminishes the amount of melatonin produced by the pineal gland and the time that it is suspended in the blood stream, meaning worse sleep quality and length.

Although, using blue light blockers helps to combat almost all of this.

To use them correctly, wear them about 2 hours before bed, near when the sunset has begun, and keep them on until bed.

Most people that read the Hormonal Sleep Solution realize that electronics before bed is a no-no, and while I think you should always break from them around the bed, blue-light blocking glasses allow for some wiggle room.

*Wear these 1-3 hours before going to sleep  

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