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The Lost Art Of Journaling – Taking Advantage Of What You Know

By austin | Oct 26, 2016

The reason that humans are more evolved and separate from something even as similar as the chimpanzee is our ability for both written and vocal communication. In fact, our ability to the journal has been one of the greatest ways we have recorded scripture and history as it unfolds. Looking at the lives of Seneca, Marcus…


What Iron Man and Success Have In Common

By austin | Oct 19, 2016

Iron man and success are synonymous with each other. I mean Tony Stark is the pinnacle of rich, privileged, knowledgeable and successful. Think about it this way, if having billions of dollars, beautiful women, the mind of a genius and the iron man suit doesn’t deem you successful than what does? Although in that, there…

Morning routine walking

30 Habits That You Need To Create Before Turning 30 Years Old

By austin | Oct 13, 2016

Well, I’m not 30 yet, and have quite a bit of time until turning 30, here are 30 habits crucial to everyone, especially before you turn 30. Master these 30 habits and not only will life be easier, but productivity will also be greater, happiness higher and success effortless. Enjoy. 1. Wake Up Early “The early…

standing correctly

Stop Sitting, and Make Sure You Start Standing Correctly

By austin | Oct 7, 2016

This is article is going to be brief but get right to the point. You need to stop sitting so much and start standing or even squatting; both are better forms for your body to be. Although, the problem people run into are two-fold leading to one of two options: You start standing for a…

The Best Way To Improve Focus and Sleep Effortlessly – Brain.Fm

By austin | Sep 26, 2016

About eight months ago I began using a tool that’s been allowing me to not only cheat my way to focus better, but also to let me nap effortlessly and fall asleep on command. That tool is the brain music provided by How The Brain Focus Music of Brain.Fm Works is a sort of…

The Perfect Stretching Routine Schedule For an Injury Free Life

By austin | Sep 21, 2016

Stretching seems to be a conundrum in today’s “fitness” community. Many people advocate against stretching, saying that it is mostly useless, while others preach yoga and continuous stretching both before and after exercise. Although, realistically the medium is the where most of the benefits lie. Both having a proper stretching routine done frequently, but not…

Why You Need Bodyweight Training To Live An Amazing Life

By austin | Sep 14, 2016

I used to be the typical gym rat. Going to the gym 5x a week was my hobby. It was then I discovered a site called Kinobody and started to practice more of minimalist, three day-a-week workout schedule based around strength. Although, it put me back into a strict approach where I only would go and…

Heightened Living - Austin

The Simple Truth For Heightened Living and My Passion

By austin | Sep 4, 2016

I’m a biohacker by nature. Someone who constantly wants to improve themselves and optimize just about everything in their lives. From friends to the environment to nutrition to exercise and daily habits. Just about everything I do, I always question why and how it can be made better. Although, I also find myself getting frustrated time after…

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Should I Take Melatonin For Sleep? How To Improve Sleep

By austin | Aug 26, 2016

Melatonin is a pesky supplement. It’s something that so many people are taking, yet there’s always the question of “should I take melatonin for sleep?” and the answer might surprise you. The Answer For “Should I Take Melatonin For Sleep.” NO You should not be taking melatonin for sleep and here is the reason why.…

what is heightened living

What is Heightened Living? A How-To Guide For Living Better

By austin | Aug 23, 2016

Recently I realized something. I never truly described what Heightened Living is. If you go through the fundamentals, then, of course, you will wind up learning and piecing together what heightened living is meant for and how to achieve it, but in this article, I want to inspire you to take control of your life…

Three words - stop ovethinking

Three Powerful Words To Immediately Stop Overthinking

By austin | Aug 17, 2016

As an avid reader, I come across a lot of information, some good and some horrible. Recently, taking a recommendation from Jason Capital on a way to improve your mental environment I dove into the book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It And the truth is, after reading it the title is truly wonderful.…


5 Quick Gadgets To Biohack Your Life and Live Longer

By austin | Aug 11, 2016

Biohacking is our future, and quite coincidentally we don’t realize everything we can do today to improve health and boost longevity. Over the past few months, I have been diving deeper and more directly into getting the gadgets and gizmos to contribute to improving my health and well-being. These are the five quick items I…

hormonal Sleep Solution

Why You Need A Sleep Solution

By austin | Aug 7, 2016

What is a sleep solution? The truth is that most people neglect the one thing that takes up 1/3 of their ENTIRE LIFE. Yes, sleep. A vital and important way to not only increase your energy throughout the day, but to recover from exercise, repair you endocrine system, manage weight loss, kick brain fog, and…

strange blue light at night

The Strange Blue Light That Is Ruining Your Sleep

By austin | Aug 3, 2016

When it comes to getting a night of good restful sleep, light is not your friend (while most light.) Blue light and sleep have an enormous synergistic affect, influencing each other just like bees and flowers, although when disrupted or being utilized at the wrong time in the wrong amounts and with the wrong light,…

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Defeating Insomnia: To Cure The #1 Sleep Disorder

By austin | Jul 31, 2016

Why Insomnia Is Our Nation’s Issue Insomnia to many is a vague disease that randomly inhibits people. Truthfully, many of us have insomnia, which quite literally is “habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep.” This sleep disorder is so common and leads to why so many of us honestly can’t sleep day in and day out. Staying…

smart goals - one trick

One Trick To Actually Accomplish Your (Smart) Goals

By austin | Jul 28, 2016

The title of this article may have caught your eye, correct? Well, that’s something called a pattern interrupt, and a tool that I use each and every day when I am advertising for some multimillion-dollar brands. On the other hand, you are here for “one trick” to accomplish your goals, although that leads us down…