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How to Optimize Fitness for a Better Life

By Adam Grodman | Jul 20, 2016

When it comes to health and trying to optimize fitness, the amount of information that is available on the internet is quite overwhelming. There are a million diets and workout plans to follow. If you go to, they’ll set you up with all of the supplements and workout programs that you could imagine. The…


How To Slow Down Time And Live Forever

By austin | Jul 20, 2016

How To Slow Down Time To Live Forever Life is something so complicated and out of sync from what we know. Walking around we don’t see our perception of time, our feelings of the space around us, or experience the thought of this moment being a single stop in the journey that is our life.…


What Does It Really Mean To Be Successful?

By austin | Jul 13, 2016

Instead of going the usual route with success, I see success as something entirely different. Money, fame, power, and sex are typically the resources indicative of a “successful” person, but before we go on I need you to dig a little deeper to listen to yourself and learn what success is. Inner Success and Your…

sleep and exercise

Sleep and Exercise: How To Use Sleep To Boost Exercise

By austin | Jul 10, 2016

Sleep and Energy During The Day When it comes to sleep we need to know a few important facts: Amount and quality of sleep directly impact daily energy The more sleep one has correlated with athletic performance After a good night’s sleep, we all feel optimal. Quite literally sleeping occurred during the night, because it…

networking genius

The 2 Books That Made Me A Networking Genius

By austin | Jul 8, 2016

How I Became A Networking Genius For those who know me, know I am an avid reader. I love, love, love reading. Typically I keep it to non ficiton (although, I am starting to dive back into fiction for some more creativity lately) and I have to say the amount of knolwedge I have obtained…


The Abundance of Scarcity: Our Societies #1 Problem

By austin | Jul 6, 2016

There is a fear lying in the back of our societies mind, and it is one eating away at what we can truly achieve. SCARCITY How Scarcity Mindset Creates A Mental Void Do you have scarcity mindset? That is a question I want you to explore when asking yourself. Although, just in case you aren’t…

internal clock

Resetting Your Internal Sleep Settings: Is It Possible?

By austin | Jul 1, 2016

Recently as my close friend Tim Berzins of Amplified Aesthetics begun teaching me about metabolism and how after resetting it you can implement things which cause low metabolism in the first place I started to think about sleep. You see I have been doing an experiment for a good while now (a couple of months)…

how to fix posture quickly

How To Fix Posture With 3 Quick Exercises

By austin | Jun 30, 2016

Posture is something so malleable yet so essential for the structure and wellbeing of our bodies. Similar to how a building’s foundation sets the stage for what can be built there, our posture sets the stage for what our bodies can do and how we can do it, hopefully without tiring or pain. Although, with prolonged…

The Heightened Living Books of The Month – June

By austin | Jun 29, 2016

Hey, welcome to the first ever Heightened Living Books Of The Month You probably clicked on this because you’re a productivity, life-hacking, knowledge seeking, habit creating, goal setting, driven person like the Heightened Living community, so welcome. And if you are a returning member, back in the ring again (become part of the member’s area)…

accountability and success

Accountability and Success: What You Really Need To Succeed

By austin | Jun 25, 2016

Accountability and Success Let’s start today’s article off with a thought experiment. If I give you one million dollars in order to do a task, your deadline is over forty years, and I will never ask for the money back nor follow up with you, but do expect you do the task, what will you…

Happiness and Productivity

Happiness and Productivity: Can This Be The Answer To Problem?

By austin | Jun 24, 2016

When it comes to productivity, there might be a lot more involved than just the mental energy you have and are ready to expend. In fact, what if the ties between productivity and our emotions leads to a create connection and ability to foster more productivity that we have ever known? Let’s jump into the…

work from home

Work From Home While Mastering Productivity?

By austin | Jun 23, 2016

Can You Work From Home and Master Productivity? All around people in our day and age are becoming homebodies, they work from home, or at least want to, and continue to thrive. But how can this be? How can you work from home and create the perfect environment for increasing productivity while still thriving as…

Superfoods for energy

The Best Foods For Energy and Productivity (5 Real Superfoods)

By austin | Jun 22, 2016

*Get Access To The Member’s Only Training Page (Free Today) Click This Link* Do you ever eat a huge meal, then feel like you are going to crash and at least need a power nap to get through the rest of the day? Well, a lot of people are with you (including me) so let’s…

10 Life Lessons Learned From Dad – Happy Father’s Day

By austin | Jun 19, 2016

Life Lessons Learned From Dad When I say that my dad is one of the main driver’s for everything I do, that is a complete understatement. In reality, he has seriously transformed and reinforced my life, allowing me to follow my dreams, and keeping these lessons at autopilot within my life. After thinking about it,…

Why Practice Gratitude Everyday (and It’s Impact)

By austin | Jun 15, 2016

Gratitude Practice Something as simple as saying “thank you” can be the ultimatum in your life. Gratitude itself is something humans have internally programmed, just think about it. When times are going well we automatically seem to be praying or thanking someone for something, feeling grateful for what we have. But, when times are bad, we…

49 Productivity Hacks You Never Knew About

By austin | Jun 13, 2016

The Best Productivity Hacks Around Below are the 49 productivity hacks that everyone should know about. This is going to be a powerful guide, so get ready to bust through any procrastination problems you’ll never have again. Enjoy! Apps, Plugins, and Web Help Productivity Hacks 1. Momentum (Google Chrome Extension) This beautiful chrome app replaces your…