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How To Calm Your Monkey Mind and Actually Sleep… in 5 Minutes

By austin | Jun 12, 2016

Humans have monkey minds. I mean heck we are about 99% genetically similar to monkeys, so it only makes sense. Although, it seems that this “monkey mind” leads to the inability for so many to sleep. Funny enough I have found the way to shut off that mind, and allow you to fall asleep easily.…

The Problem With Our Society (You Only Get One Life)

By austin | Jun 10, 2016

You are one of over 7 billion people. You are unique You are an individual Yet in the grand scheme of things, you are small. I mean think about it. There are over 7 billion people on this planet, and you are only one of them. I know that in my life I definitely have…

One Bizzare Thing You Should Be Doing Before Bed

By austin | Jun 8, 2016

Have you ever heard of self-myofascial release? Foam rolling, using a lacrosse ball, massaging an area on the body, or even getting a physical massage, are all different types of myofascial release. And you should be doing it before bed. Myofascial Release And Sleep What happens when you go for a massage, (for the lucky…


How To Build A Network Even If You Hate Networking

By austin | Jun 5, 2016

What do you think about when it comes to networking? Probably some big group in a convention hall, sweaty people surrounding you giving you business cards saying “stay in touch” with some strange words and beseeching eyes. The truth is that is not networking. No, networking is much simpler and much better. Think about the last…

5 Quick Steps To Sleep Like You Rule The World

By austin | Jun 3, 2016

What happens around 9 p.m. for most people in this country? Hopefully, there is a period of winding down, getting ready to sleep and maybe some last minute tasks. Although, there are probably 5 quick steps you are missing out on which could be giving you amazing deep sleep. How To Use These 5 Quick Steps…

Lessons From The Flash: The Truth About Acting Now

By austin | Jun 1, 2016

Persistence is the key to achieving anything, but you have to actually start before anything becomes possible. Persistence is one of the fundamentals of heightened living. By persisting at not starting you create an environment full of procrastination. I know this can be a problem and in this article let’s dive into taking action and…

On Craft Beer, Fine Wines, and Nice Liquors – A Lesson On Quality

By austin | May 29, 2016

One of the most important parts of living a Heightened Lifestyle is quality (click here to learn more) And one places to not skimp out on quality is when drinking. Fine wines, craft beers, and high-end liquors become a sort of cult-like fascination for many people. Yes, one of those people is me. But it’s for good reason.…


8 Habits To Quit Immediately: The Toxic Habit Lifestyle List

By austin | May 27, 2016

When it comes to upgrading your life and fine tuning your habits, getting rid of the toxic ones can be very beneficial. A lot of times more than actually ingraining new habits. This is because what you aren’t doing determines what you can be doing. Below is a list of 8 different habits you need…

Is Coffee Really A Productivity and Work Miracle Drug?

By austin | May 25, 2016

Here you are, Back at the one place where logic is defied and science is enforced. Okay maybe I’m going a little too far with this but I think not. Coffee. Is Coffee A Miracle Drug? Right now, as we speak (you read) I am indulging in a cup of a South African natural sundries liquid gold.…


Stop Climbing, Start Falling: How To Actually Achieve Success

By austin | May 23, 2016

When it comes to achieving goals and being successful, are you climbing or falling? I know, I know you probably need some background of what climbing or falling are. And for that let’s jump into this article. Climbing To Success Climbing is unsustainable, it is brutally hard work and it will take a lot out…

Morning routine walking

The Perfect 20 Minute Morning Routine

By austin | May 20, 2016

Us humans are all alike. We set up our days based on habits and routines we may not even realize are ingrained within us. So therein lies a possible problem. Having the wrong habits or routines may set you up for failure. In this real brief post, I want us to walk through a perfect morning…

The Optimal Guide to Creating A Fit Life

By Adam Grodman | May 18, 2016

A bigger and bigger portion of our society is being burdened by the cost of unhealthy living. Fewer and fewer people are focused on getting fit for life. For the first time in history, the next generation is predicted to have shorter lifespans than our current generation. That is utterly disappointing, especially with all of…

How Effective Is Mindfulness and Meditation? Here Is The Truth

By austin | May 13, 2016

Mindfulness and Meditation While they go hand in hand both mindfulness and meditation can be separate. Let’s dive into the topic of whether either of these really are effective. Do you want to learn the 5 most important habits you should have? Click here. The Truth About Using Meditation About 5 years ago I was…

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The Truth About Alcohol and Productivity

By austin | May 11, 2016

Today I want to talk about a topic that most people don’t usually think go hand in hand with one another. Alcohol and Productivity Get the free guide here My 5 favorite productivity hacks I use every day. To most, they may seem completely contradictory, but in fact, I see an awesome connection between these two.…

The Lost Art of Mindfulness

By Adam Grodman | May 4, 2016

Most people wander through life without ever really being totally aware of themselves. They do things without putting their full attention into the task at hand. This epidemic of mindlessness leads to mistakes and inefficiency. While it is tragic, this does seem to be a relatively recent phenomenon. With kids being overloaded with technology practically…

The Truth About Feeling Drained and Out of Willpower

By austin | Apr 27, 2016

Will Power?   Well, first off I want to say thank-you for taking some of that willpower and chugging through this article and second off I want to say that what I just said is bullshit. You and I are power players. We are wrecking balls to the masses, and we will move anything that…