The Strange Blue Light That Is Ruining Your Sleep

strange blue light at night

When it comes to getting a night of good restful sleep, light is not your friend (while most light.)

Blue light and sleep have an enormous synergistic affect, influencing each other just like bees and flowers, although when disrupted or being utilized at the wrong time in the wrong amounts and with the wrong light, we have a problem.

The Blue Light and Sleep Association

Blue light and sleep fall into different patterns of your day (or should.)

How the sun emits light is unique, and each morning when rising a whole slew of light wavelengths are emitted that activate many biological functions.

The problem is that blue light is strongest in the morning and day, and it also is an influencing factor in energy and circadian rhythm.

Meaning that when we are exposed to blue light in the morning it helps to wake us up, and get us out of our tired, sleepy state.

And this is one of the main reasons that light and sleep have such profound effects on each other.

Why Blue Light Takes Away From Your Night

Ultimately blue light is seen as an acute stressor in the morning.

It helps you to release cortisol and jump out of bed eager to start the day.

At night it does another unpleasant event that we should aim to stop:

Blue Light Takes Away the Effectiveness of Melatonin

When up late on electronics looking at blue light, your body quite literally, is diminishing the amount of melatonin it produces, and even worse, the duration that the melatonin remains in your blood stream.

There is even evidence that by shining a pen of blue light on the back of one’s knee during sleep, has an influence on their output of melatonin, as judging from the relaxation when the sun hits your skin, and the pain caused from a burn, our skin has photoreceptors for the light.

When we stay up night after night, on all of our electronics, keeping an alarm clock that is shining blue light at us all night, we suffer.

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Sleep score - blue light

Sources of Blue Light and How We Can Stop Suffering

Blue light used to only be dished out by the sun.

Heck, most candles don’t burn strong or bright enough to emit blue light, giving off a dismal yellow or white.

Although, that’s where humans figured out the effectiveness of blue light and receptiveness by the eye.

LED, HD, Your Computer, your phone and almost every other device almost only gives off intense blue light throughout the day.

The brighter your brightness settings, the more blue light you see.

blue light from phones

How will you then continue to live an extraordinary life, master your sleep, and get rid of blue light?

Well here’s a few sources and what to do about them:

  • Your Phone – Try Twilight and dimming your phone later at night
  • The Computer – Use F.lux and aim to be off your computer before bed
  • TV – Stop watching TV as the evening rears or check out blue light blocking glasses
  • Blue lighting in your room – cover all light with dark black electrical tape.

These are some solutions to allow yourself to reap most of the benefits from not seeing blue light at night.

Although, to ensure that light and sleep stay friends, there are two more efficient ways to reap the benefits.

Get off your electronics two hours before bed and check out blue light blocking glasses.The Hormonal Sleep Solution - E book

After developing one of the most comprehensive, easy to follow, sleep guides (The Hormonal Sleep Solution) it only made sense to make my sleep the best it can be, and truth be told doing all of the above will be your best bet.

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