Why You Need Bodyweight Training To Live An Amazing Life

I used to be the typical gym rat.

Going to the gym 5x a week was my hobby.

It was then I discovered a site called Kinobody and started to practice more of minimalist, three day-a-week workout schedule based around strength.

Although, it put me back into a strict approach where I only would go and workout those three days, no more – no less.

Until I realized that sticking to any “one approach” with a dogmatic view was the opposite of how someone excels, adapts and creates a functionally-mobile lasting body.

Which is where bodyweight training came in.

Defeating The Dogma of “Weights or Nothing”

weight only mentality

Here’s the thing.

You can get strong performing bodyweight exercises, and sometimes without even performing multiple repetitions.

Over the past four months I have built up to:

  • 5 Bent-Arm Pullups to Back Lever for 10 Seconds
  • Free Standing Handstand Pushups
  • One-arm Wall Handstands
  • Tuck Planche (nothing too crazy yet)
  • Muscle-ups with ease
  • Straddle Front-lever
  • and some more stuff I can share later but will spare in the case of annoying you…

All of this came from bodyweight movements, and mostly just static holds.

No, I didn’t go to the gym and curl each and every day to get that pump (actually I haven’t curled in about six months)

Instead, I had to defeat the dogma of only weight training, and allow myself to regain my mobile ranges, as well as some functionality before starting to weight lift again.

Why Weights And Bodyweight Training Go Hand in Hand

bodyweight and weights

The truth is, doing both weight and bodyweight training is crucial for a “functional physique.”

And before I have anyone comment that “a functional physique is b.s. or functional training is garbage” I want you to do one exercise.

Sit in a squat for 10 minutes.

That’s it.

Simple right?

Yeah exactly.

Although this should be an effortless movement to all of us from birth, heck it’s the way most indigenous tribes both use the bathroom and perform seated activities throughout the day.

When I Say a Functional Physique, I mean a physique that functions properly and will stand the test of time

Otherwise, your bench, squat, and deadlift numbers mean diddly squat.

On the other hand, I think some weight lifting is crucial to not only improving the aesthetics of a physique but also overall strength.

And I’ve been subsequently performing heavy Olympic lifts at least once a week (which I’ll go into detail in a future article about the status of my performance and strength gains.)

Now the magic happens when you combine both bodyweight and weight training

Everything clicks, you go through full ranges of motion, and you set yourself up to be the next Captain America (while at least that’s what I am aiming for.)

How To Integrate Bodyweight Into Your Routine

Many people are stuck in one method, and I get it, I was there for years.

I feel the need to help you figure out how to integrate some movement, mobility or bodyweight training into your week in any way.

The first and most effective way to start would be to take one day a week on just work on stretching, mobility, and flexibility. 

Simple yet effective.

Otherwise, I would suggest deleting one weighted training day and starting to explore more movement.

Either training for the:

  • Planche
  • Front or Back Lever
  • Muscle Up
  • Pullup
  • L-sit
  • Or any other gymnastic movement

Using a progression from somewhere like gmb.io or aiming to regain motor movements by practicing primal crawling, swinging, squatting and just playing around with movement patterns like Ido Portal teaches.

I know it sounds crazy, and it will be for a bit.

Although when you’re doing free handstand pushups, getting off the ground easily and never experiencing pain again, you’ll be happier than ever.

Where does bodyweight training fit into the fundamentals?

heightened living

Each fundamental is unique but easily layered with another one, and as for bodyweight training, both mobility and longevity rely on bodyweight training.

The reason is that the fundamental of longevity relies on you being able to live strong, live well and injury free for life and you seriously can’t do that unless you are strong through functional ranges of motion.

While mobility allows you to get to those range of motions and back to our primal movement patterns.

Perhaps, one of the most interesting pieces of research I’ve come across is that everyone is born with the ability to do the splits effortlessly, yet upon first grade not only is this feature gone but our Achilles tendon starts to shorten making our run patterns switch from the ball of our foot to our heel.

Normalized movement and sedentary life are taking away from yours, and it’s time to fight back.

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