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About eight months ago I began using a tool that’s been allowing me to not only cheat my way to focus better, but also to let me nap effortlessly and fall asleep on command.

That tool is the brain music provided by

How The Brain Focus Music of Brain.Fm Works

brain-focus-music-forest is a sort of way to tune neurons and their communication into certain focus patterns.

Quite literally, many parts of the brain communicate via neuronal oscillations, which emit a Hz of about 8-12 in normal settings, but by changing these emissions you can change how the brain functions.

Binaural beats are a quick alternative to I recommend all the time, because of the way that the brain functions using these different wavelengths.

Alpha codes for the resting state of the brain, and the power of now. Mostly alpha waves allow us to be in the now with quietly flowing thoughts during more silent mind states. It is presence but not necessarily meditation

Beta waves account for the portion of conscious awareness. They are fast acting while present in our daily tasks and thoughts allowing us to problem solve and stay alert/attentive.

Gamma Waves are the fastest of brain waves, and are said to modulate perception and consciousness, but the exact methods of their creation are not known yet.

Theta Waves occur typically during sleep but also can arise during deep meditation. They act as our waves in learning and memory formation, while also being the period in which we dream and reinforce thought patterns.

Delta Waves are the deepest type of brain waves, generating a dreamless sleep and deep meditation.

Now that you have a brief understanding of brain waves, you can understand the way that is working.

Utilizing these different frequencies paired with calming ambient noise and some nature sounds, you can tune the brain into different modes, from focused thought dominated, to meditative and even putting you to sleep.

Why You Should Listen To Music While Studying

Back in high school teachers always would say “music disrupts your learning”, but as we know most teachers aren’t neuroscientists.

And it isn’t common knowledge that the way neurons communicate can be traced back to their unique Hz.

That’s why I want to revitalize the notion, that often using muscle to study or learn, can be beneficial in tuning your brain into different modes.

Utilizing a tool like will be one of the most helpful strategies as their focus mode allows you to almost instantly get into a sort of Adderall like focus, with heightened communication.

Although I do need to caution that this is putting your neurons and brain in a frantic super focused type of mode, so if you are anxious at that current moment, it may be likely to increase it.

I typically do about one 1-2 hour session and then ride off of that as long as possible.

This makes sure I get the most benefit, without stressing myself out.

Using Brain Music For Optimized Sleep


The other end of the spectrum is sleep.

This is one of the best tools for anytime I am in a pinch or want to fall asleep… immediately.

About daily I use the 15-30 minute nap feature, as it puts you into a deep nap and takes you out of it int his time, your mind wanders and you find yourself waking up 15-30 minutes later completely refreshed.

While when it comes to sleeping, I use the setting for an 8-hour sleep but often find myself waking up in the morning without the headphones in.

It’s not something to get addicted to, but definitely will help you fall asleep if there’s accessory noise around your room, or your mind won’t shut off.

That’s it for today.

An awesome tool, constantly evolving and measuring what frequencies work for you and what doesn’t.

Check it out here at and let me know what you think.

Talk soon,


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