Possibly the most important fundamental to any heightened lifestyle is the ability to set and achieve goals.

Herein lies the problem:

Most people completely get setting goals wrong.

They shoot low.

And I mean way too low.

On the list of all things, your goals should, not only be a priority but be grandiose.

I mean if Martin Luther King Jr. had just set his goals at being able to make his black neighbor and white neighbor friends, it would have been impressive, yet he would never have changed this world.

Think about what you can do.

What you want to achieve.

Think Bigger


The most fundamental part of heightened living is setting “unrealistic” goals and then setting out to achieve them.

At worst, you shoot further than you ever shoot, at best you achieve something amazing.

Now it doesn’t have to be world changing, but it will ultimately shift your world, and view of it, forever.

Even having the goal of a getting a Lamborghini in the next three years (which is not as hard or unrealistic as you think) will change your life forever.

I mean I guess you can settle for a nice BMW, Mercedes, or Tesla 😉

Look at Richard Branson, a man with huge ambitions, and now one of the richest people alive today.

He started by cold calling airplane lines to start renting them out, and now Virgin is a household name (and not in the way you might think)

Virgin Atlantic, Virgin mobile, virgin trains, Virgin Records, Virgin galactic (he goes into fricken space) and everything in between Branson continually made his goals more and more unrealistic to the point of getting into space.

And he has done just that.

The start of his journey, though, becomes another key fundamental point of setting and achieving goals for a heightened lifestyle.

Identifying What Goals You Truly Want

Another major problem besides even expanding the mind can be identifying what you want and why you want it.

In fact, almost everyone operates out of one or two of the four major drivers of success:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Mating
  • Celebrity Status

Yes, almost all of our goals are out of either getting healthier, getting richer, finding the perfect mate or becoming famous (in any sense of the word.)

For me, personally two of these stick out the most wealth and health

And in actuality both of these are my set goals and drivers of success to the point of mainly achieving ultimate health, which comes through money and the ability to do what I want when I want, without stress looming over me as I live for someone else.

The next question for yourself is

What are your major drivers in life?

Do you want success to be famous? How about to get rich? Or for optimal health? What about finding the perfect mate?

All of these are valid; we just need to identify what truly is our prerogative so that we can set our goals accordingly, and not have to change or fail because we don't truly want to go after the goals we set.

Setting Goals To Match Our Drive

After we have discovered our drive we know our motivations, our goals and rewards should then center around that.

For instance, if our goal is to live luxuriously in a machine in L.A. with a couple of nice cars (let's say a Tesla and Lambo) then we can set the goals towards incremental achievements of getting those things as well as rewarding ourselves as we achieve these goals.

What do you mean by rewards

We want our rewards also to focus still on the jails we have set.

Using the example above, a nice reward to say breaking the 5-figure mark on our own personal business, or completing something that moves us more in the direction to living in L.A. may be rewarded by a trip to go scout houses or a business conference where you can meet like-minded people, or even just something of the utmost quality.

All in all, these rewards and goals need to complement each other.

How should we set these goals?

Take whatever your ultimate drive is and sit down for about 15-20 minutes then follow this exercise:

  • Write down your life goals (bucket list and what you want to achieve)
  • Move to your ten-year goals (smaller pieces of the whole for your life)
  • Then write out your five-year goals (which should also lead you toward your ten-year goals)
  • Finally, write out your one-year goals
    • In this include around ten different facets to hit on (family, health, wealth, notoriety, business, and anything else that matters to you)

You don't have only to include strict goals like scaling a company to 100,000 but should also include the fun adventures that you want to get done by the end of the year (say a couple of trips overseas and going to Amsterdam with some of your best friends.)

Once you have these goals, it should be easy to set rewards (although, I think making it to Amsterdam is a reward in itself) and then from there it only takes one more thing to get started.

Taking action...

Start Now: Your Goals Are Waiting

Branson both came up with his idea and started pursuing it in the same day.

Now this isn’t a get rich quick scheme he embarked on, but instead, he put in the man hours, day after day, week after week, month after month.

He grinded

He worked hard as ever

And he started as soon as he could.

You see many people nowadays (and I included) want to start something but end up thinking too long, aiming for perfection before release and then stopping to move onto another “amazing” idea.

Colonel Sanders of KFC failed 1009 times before actually getting his chicken to the market, and look at it today.

Thomas Edison learned over 10,000 different ways to NOT make a light bulb until he finally did.


Both of these two figures tried, and tried, and tried again until they had a product, still not even perfect, that they could release and continually improve up until it would make history.

The last fundamental in this article on setting and achieving goals is that starting and pursuing doesn’t have to begin with perfection.

I want you to fail.

You read that right.



Then fail some more

I want you to fail not out of any negativity, but in helping you to learn to fail, and learn to love failing, like both Sanders and Edison learned, will only help to lead to improvement which ultimately can change the world.

So start imperfectly, adjust on the way and improve each and every day.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

And when you think you can’t refer to this blog.

Ask me for help, I will hold you accountable, and you will hold me accountable as well.

My first blog was a failure in my eyes, and from this I now see how I can change you and everyone I meet by the experiences I have had and the lessons I have learned from failing and achieving my goals.

And if you are serious about accomplishing anything you set your mind to



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