The Fundamentals of Heightened Living: Habits

Learning What to Add and What to Subtract: Creating Ever Lasting Habits and Destroying the Bad ones

While seemingly trivial, creating everlasting habits and destroying the bad ones can be one of the greatest steps to a heightened lifestyle.


This goes hand in hand with quality and consistency I talked about before.


By being consistent with your habits and creating beneficial ones, you end up making quality your default setting.


So this is going to be a very important lesson and fundamental for our creating of the best life ever.


What Kind of Habits do We need?


That is an important question to ask, and it all depends on what we are trying to achieve.


If you want to a write a book, creating the habit of writing each and every day is crucial.


If you want to get lean and ripped, creating the habit of physical activity, eating the correct amount, and tracking your measurements is very important.


And if you are looking just to improve your life, creating the habits of meditation, networking, and disassociating from the ego can be amazing.


What habits you need depends entirely on what your goals are.


But for a second let’s talk in a broad generalization.


Some great habits to get down are:


  • Meditation (or some sort of dealing with yourself)
  • Positive self-talk
  • Exercise
  • Cooking
  • A Morning Ritual
  • A Nightly Ritual


In my coaching program, we work to integrate habit strategically each and every week up until the point where you don’t need me.


Once we instill these habits, even in autopilot you are growing and becoming better in every way.


What habits do I need to get rid of?


Again while this is entirely individual, there are many habits I see which need to go no matter who you are and what your goals are.

It is crucial to get rid of these to obtain heightened living.

Negative self-talk

negative self talk

Almost everyone I know performs some sort of negative self talk all of the time.


“Haha man I am such an idiot”, “I could never do that”, “How can I be that stupid”


People say these phrases all the time, and normally they think they are joking.


But what happens is they skew their mindset towards defaulting on negative self-talk, and then when they are about to approach a girl at a bar their head gets in the way, and they end up going home and eating some ice cream.


We need to completely squander this habit.


Get rid of it.


Never do it, and like taming the mind in meditation, slowly fight against yourself when you do it.


Personally, if I say something like “I am such an idiot” I will then go “No I am not I was just thinking about that incorrectly.”


This creates a tremendous impact on all who do it, and I urge you to do it too.




This should be pretty self-explanatory, but someone who wants their life heightened needs to reach new levels and should always be working towards something and never procrastinating.


We need to get this world churning. The less we procrastinate the easier it is to take initiative in any situation.


One of my favorite sayings is “if the trash is full, take it out, don’t wait.”


It makes no sense to sit around and do nothing until you seriously need to do it, you should be working on yourself and your goals every day without procrastination.


In the course I am revealing in the near future, as well as coaching, I work with you to set deadlines and create guidelines so procrastination is a thing so the past.


So start doing.


Using Scarcity Mindset.

scarcity mindset (oreos)

The last thing I want to go over today is scarcity mindset.


And almost everyone has it.


It sucks and will lead to so many downfalls, which I see all the time.


The guy who is so scared to talk to a girl, and gets rejected, leaving them on a spiral down.


The person who doesn’t get a job interview or the job from the interview and goes into deep depression.


it all happens because of scarcity mindset.


The belief that there isn’t anything else out there.


What is in front of you is it, and if you don’t get that there will be nothing else.


No more chances, no more trials, just this one.


Get out of that mindset.


There are plenty of fish in the sea, and I am not just referring to girls and guys.


When it comes to just about everything you need to realize that there is enough to go around and as you work harder, do better, and heighten your living you can attain and achieve anything.


Regardless of how scarce it seems.



But If your truly seeking badassery check out the free 5 Habits that you CAN’T live without (get it here.)



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