Networking does not have to be some slimy encounter generated by your artificial mindset that meeting new people is the only way to seek new people in your network.

In fact, I feel confidently saying that most people who network, are not slimy, and are some of the most helpful, thoughtful individuals.

Think about it this way.

Anytime you think of someone who is famous, successful, or living any heightened lifestyle, what's one of the first things that come to mind?

Their extensive network.

I mean all the successful people I know seem to in turn collectively know everyone else.

Now that is the magic of networking.

And to get to a heightened lifestyle, we are only as strong as our networking abilities (not the weakest link.)

Perhaps, there lies the problem a lot of people face and a major question they wonder:

How do I contact those that I want on my network? Do I cold call, or bug them incessantly until they give up and talk to me out of pity?


Provide value first and your network will come.

never eat along

After reading the book Never Eat Alone I learned a precious lesson.

Expanding your network comes simply when you provide value to others and create lasting bonds.

Your system should consist of friends, people who when visiting their region, will go out for a drink with you, shoot the shit and have a very good time.

They should also be people in which you are of value too; they should need something that you can provide no matter how arbitrary that is.

When you provide value, say through introducing them to someone they should meet, then the law of reciprocity typically takes effect at the time you need it most (and the person you introduced also feels as though you did them a favor.)

You have provided immense value to them, and somewhere down the road, they will express their friendship.

Stop "Networking" At Conferences

No more sweating your ass off, in a hot conference room, filled with 1000 other people, some adequate food, and the brightest lights you've ever seen almost immediately creating a headache when paired with the stress of trying to network.

Networking should not sound like work to you.

Instead, just think about all of the skills you have, the value you offer, and everything you are capable of.

Then do the most logical thing possible.

Provide what you already have.

Even knowing two people can create immense value for someone, because the introduction could be a life changer, and you the mediator will always be in mind when those two are communicating and thriving (in their knowledge because of you.)


Why Networking Is Important On Your Path To Heightened Living

What could you do if you and the president of the united states were friends?

It seems like the world would be at your fingertips then correct?

The more and more you expand your network, move through the rankings establishing great friends in high and low places, the easier it is to do almost any and everything.

If you were good friends with Elon Musk, getting a peak at a new Tesla or upfront view of a rocket launching may seem a lot easier right?

Life is just 100x easier when you have friends, and a lot of them.

One of my favorite lifestyle entrepreneurs is James Altucher, and currently, he is doing a fantastic experiment.

Practicing ultimate or true minimalism.

Not buying or renting anywhere to live, staying at friends houses and leaving them unscathed, he has and will be able to live like this for a long time being, all because of his extensive network.

I want us quickly to do a thought exercise.

Write down your ideal network…

Mine looks like Elon Musk, Tim Ferriss, John Romaniello, and quite a few others.

Then think about how easy it would be to achieve what you want if you had all of these people in your life as close personal friends.

Your next steps would then be to take and map out your ideal network, how far away you are from each person, who they are, what interests they have and the value you could provide to them.

Starting something like an excel sheet with their contact information and how you can make their lives easier, will allow you to seamlessly contact them as you move your way up the rungs of the metaphorical networking skillset ladder.

phone book

The Rule Of Those Around You

You are the synthesis of your five closest friends.

That means that whoever your friends are, and whatever they are like subsequently will trickle down and make you who you are.

If your friends like heroin (I know an extreme example) then odds are you are going to start liking heroin as well, if your friends are fat while a doughnut is going to make it into your mouth somehow (the same goes for husbands and wives.)

Heightened Living is about expanding your means and living beyond what you ever thought possible, and a lot of that can be achieved if you have your ideal network.

If your friends are as valuable as you, success, good looking, amazing achievers aimed at reaching lives of great heights, well then you are on your way to your dream reality.

And ultimately through networking that is what we want to create.

When we do, a Heightened Lifestyle will be insanely easy to obtain.

Because I know that it can be hard to go at this alone, I want to start by becoming part of your network by providing you with a bit of value. 

In fact, I created a quick member's only training area just for you, and by clicking the button below and entering your email you will have all the resources you need to get started, and our networks will start to merge slowly.



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