How To Truly Achieve Perfect Productivity

Guess what?

There is an epidemic of our society, and it has to be cured to have a renewed life, one higher and better than you ever thought possible.


This word

This thing

It embodies our whole society at this moment.

Well, at least, most of it.

But the truth is that this is just a bullshit excuse for staying stagnant, never evolving and keeping ourselves in a state we say is comfortable, telling ourselves that trying is just not worth the effort.

Want to know how cavemen survived thousands upon thousands of years ago?


Well, they weren’t fucking around and procrastinating.

They were being productive, getting everything they needed to be done and then constantly looking for ways to improve their living (and to stay alive.)

They would be very proactive day in and day out, to feed themselves, their families, and ultimately to survive and thrive to the point of our existence.

Austin stops going full meta on me and tell me the following fundamental of a Heightened Lifestyle.

The third fundamental principle (a two-parter) of heightened living is…

Achieving A Productive Lifestyle Full Of Persistence

We love to be productive, or at least if you are here, you are trying to be productive.

One of the main ways that productivity comes about is through persistence, putting in the man hours day in and day out until you feel as though productivity is implanted and hardwired into your brain.

As Bruce Lee said, “I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times.”

bruce lee kicking

Practice your kick, even when you don’t want to, and you will become one of the greatest.

We have to ensure that we are always being proactive and doing something that will benefit us in the long run.

That is why I wrote the 49 productivity hacks article because I want you to have the tools in your arsenal to commit and create heightened living for yourself.

Truth be told, you need to, no matter what, stay productive and keep a high mental energy (which the successive fundamentals will help with.)

No more, slowly getting work done and then falling out of the rhythm, we need to be productive, and we need to do it now.

Leading to the other part of this fundamental.

Persisting Even When The Mind and Body Are Resisting

Persistence is the key to effortless productivity, the key to doing just about anything you need to.

When we start to feel as though productivity is implanted into our minds, we know that we have persisted enough to reach the point of perfect productivity.

The same goes with seeing abs on a diet or driving a car without thinking about the 15 different actions going on around you.

Persistence is the key.

Although sometimes we will find ourselves in a bit of a rut, creating negative self-talk, pushing off something for the next day, and what do we do?

Our persistence falls apart; our productivity goes home, and we wish we could jump back in bed and just start the day over again.

Instead, we won't have this happen. Instead, I want to introduce a new concept to you.

Using Persistence With The 10x Rule

When reading "Great By Choice," Jim Collins discusses around 20 different companies that over 17 years 10xed themselves at the least.

Going from being a subpar company to one of the utmost top standing companies in the world (think Microsoft.)

Although, he talks about a story of the Race To The South Pole.

How The Quest To The South Pole Was A Method of Persistence

In being the first man to the South Pole, there was a race.

Two men, each of an equal backgrounds, with two different mindsets that separated themselves.

Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott.

Before we dive into the story; I want to preface Roald Amundsen's journey to racing to the north pole.

Hours before setting off for the north pole, he got the call that he was already beaten and that there was no chance of him being the first to the north pole.

With his men ready, fully supplied and food ready for the journey, he rerouted and got ready to be the first person to the south pole.

Using persistence he had already won, not stopping being the first at a pole because someone had beat him to the first one. Instead, he rerouted and got ready to make a name in history.

Now let's jump back into the story.

Amundsen and Scott set off about a month apart from each other.

They trucked through the cold, hiking day after day, and eventually both reaching the pole, but in the end, only one would make it back alive.

On the one side we had Amundsen with a declaration, each day his crew would hike 15 miles and no more or no less.

While, on the other hand, Scott would hike longer distances when the weather was good, and stay in when the weather was ruggedly cold.

Who survived?

Amundsen and his use of persistence, keeping up productivity and relying on a smart, measurable goal.

How Amundsen's Persistence Made Him The Winner

While, Scott did die, and I assume Amundsen wouldn't call himself a winner, he did ultimately win in the race to the north pole.

And what it came down to was his ability to stop and reflect, set actionable executable goals, and stay productive throughout his time in doing so.

On the worst of the worst days he and his men would hike the 15 miles, and on the best clearest days they would still hike 15 miles.

They allowed themselves to moderate, stick to the goal and complete their quest in the time they designated, and at the end of the journey they only stayed for around ten days, while Scott and his team didn't hike 18 days, while having variable success the rest of the time.

Hiking too much can lead to a hungry crew, and depletion of reserves, while staying in can also lead to loss of food from boredom and trying to stay warm using fuel.

All in all the approaches show how they work, use your productivity and persistence to become one of the greatest and achieve Heightened Living.

Finding Your Steady Path And Following It

That leads us to an important point and what is the moral of this fundamental.

You will have to work, you will need to be productive nad proactive towards the goals you set in fundamental #1, but you also need to ensure that you are using your energy at a good pace.

Don't dig into your reserves too often, because like someone strictly dieting, you will end up binging on procrastination or in the dieter's case a lot of glutinous food.

Instead, stay productive and stay persistent and achieving a Heightened Lifestyle full of quality will be easy.

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