The Fundamentals of Heightened Living: Quality and Consistency

Quality and Consistency: 2 Keys to a Heightened Lifestyle


Here is the truth


Quality should always come first.


What do I mean?


You should always opt for the utmost quality in every situation, anything and everything you do.


Regardless of price, regardless of the situation.


Quality should always come first.


If you have to put in more work, spend more money, take more time, it doesn’t matter.


Focus on quality.


The reason that this is such a fundamental to heightened living is that without quality, work, passion and the “good” parts of life fall through the cracks.


Look around.


What costs the most amount of money?


Very high-end, high-quality products typically steal the market for the most expensive, especially when referring to clothes, cars, and even food.


What takes the most amount of time to do?

Quality work, creating something worthwhile, fostering whatever you are doing to be capable of creating something amazing.


It takes time and money to produce quality.


But behind quality typically is passion and hard work. Two of the key ways to a heightened lifestyle.


So for instance, when you put time and money into creating something quality (no matter what it is) your life becomes better, you aim for more and more and more quality.


You help to create a world worth living in.


Imagine if everything created was behind passion and hard work if it was quality.


No more shitty coffee, no more clothing that falls apart, and no more carelessness or procrastination.


Everyone would have meaning, and feel as though they fit in.


Before we can influence the world we need to pursue this in our lives.


So me and you, we will work on getting heightened living by making sure that we create quality, we buy quality, and we never settle.


Settling, comfort, and stagnation are death.




It truly is.


If you aren’t growing what are you doing?




So as long as you continue to grow, and do it in a manner of quality your growth will be fantastic.


That is where consistency comes in.


On my quest for abs, I realized one key point.


Consistency was the only thing that mattered. Eating at a deficit day in and day out, falling off the horse and jumping right back on.


It all lead to me being able to achieve lean and strong physique which I desired.


Consistency is why everything gets done.

Writers don’t write a book in one day, but instead, they consistently write a few words each and every day which adds up.


Rome wasn’t built in one day, neither was the pyramids.


You can build something so amazing, and with such quality all through consistency.


Persist when no one else will, and you will be able to create a spectacular life.


We are on a crazy journey, achieving things that no one ever thought possible and living our life to the fullest.


Eat right everyday and you will have an amazing body, consistently practice anything and you will make quality (since I don’t believe in perfection) and create quality day in and day out and you can change the world.


We need less, not more in this world.


This is an age that allows anyone to create anything and has sparked a generation of people creating to sell, and doing that mostly creates a shitty product.


Create the most quality products out there and everyone will seek it.


Lamborghinis only release a couple of thousand cars at a time, wagyu beef takes years to raise and costs hundreds of dollars to get, art elicits one piece at a time.


And each of these is so sought after.


Everyone wants a Lamborghini (and many will pay a great price to get it), I love to eat wagyu beef when I can get it (and will pay for it) and well when it comes to art the Mona Lisa does all the talking for itself.


SO let’s finish this fundamental by simply stating.


Do less, do it better, create quality consistently.


I know you will.


Oh and please leave a comment on what you would like to make quality in your time on this earth 🙂




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