What is Heightened Living? A How-To Guide For Living Better

what is heightened living

Recently I realized something.

I never truly described what Heightened Living is.

If you go through the fundamentals, then, of course, you will wind up learning and piecing together what heightened living is meant for and how to achieve it, but in this article, I want to inspire you to take control of your life and create what you’ve always wanted.

Deciphering Heightened Living

Heightened Living was formed when I started to examine successful tendencies in those with prominent health, wealth, relationships, and happiness.

Quite literally Heightened Living is mastery over each of those fields.

You take what you want; you do it mindfully and you create a life that you have chosen.

Heightened Living abides by the principles of straying from the common path, and creating your own.

Instead following the traditional life flow of school, college, job, retirement, death, our team of those excelling for heightened living creates their path and follows through on their calling.

There are seven fundamentals that Heightened Living lives off of.

Fundamental 1: Goals Setting and Identification

racing - goals - heightened living

If you aren’t setting goals correctly, then you might be shooting for the wrong goal.

I mean quite literally, setting a small off path-goal can take your life in the opposite direction that it should go, while conversely setting the right goals makes it so that you ensure a correct path.

If your goal is to end human hunger and you aim for getting a degree in world politics, it might not be the proper play.

Although, if you aim for feeding 1000s of people a year starting with your local community that goal may be more on the money.

With that comes the ability to identify correctly that goal and the steps that need to be taken to achieve it.

Breaking down your goals into smaller bite sized pieces is the easiest way to ensure success.

Fundamental 2:  Productivity and Persistence

productivity - heightened living

The second fundamental of heightened living, combines productivity and persistence.

Perhaps two of the most important things for achieving heightened living because they quite literally predict if you can focus on your goal and knock out each of the steps that need fulfilling before getting there.

Productivity is critical; stagnation is death.

That’s the truth.

And by being productive every day and putting in the work, anyone can use their persistence to be successful.

Fundamental 3: Networking and Relationship Building

networking - what is heightened living

Networking is essential for a successful and healthy life.

Even better is when you can foster a relationship rather than just create network of superficial bonds.

That’s why it is fundamental number 3, because by creating a network of true relationships, friends, and acquaintances alike, one can almost do anything.

Bill Clinton is one of the most amazing relationships building networkers around, and that’s how a lot say that he ended up in the white house.

Each night he reviews his notecards with details, which he constantly updates, of people he has met who will be important to create bonds with for his future.

This is isn’t evil, we human love and need connections and by doing it perfectly, we can create friendships and relationships where the extreme value is constantly created.

Fundamental 4: Proper Habit Establishment

habits - what is heightened living

Habits are crucial to auto-piloting a heightened life.

In the morning what you do in sequence a is habit, same goes for which sock you put on first and which shoe gets tied before the other.

Almost everything you do comes down to how your habits help to form the concise manner in which you act.

By ensuring that you create the correct habits, you can auto-pilot success, healthful habits, networking and everything else that leads to an amazing heightened life.

That’s why there is a whole fundamental dedicated to simply creating everlasting (and key) habit creation.

Fundamental 5: Sleep and Mobility

sleep - what is heightened living

It seems out of place to put these two as fundamental #5, but it is far from that.

These are fundamentals simply because they are necessary for an amazing life.

If you can’t move correctly then you won’t last in the long run, your life won’t be heightened because you won’t be able to partake in this or that and much of your life will be dictated by what you can and can’t do.

Solving your mobility is a key to ensuring that you are free to create your dream life.

While sleep comes to be another major key.

Loss of sleep leads to a horrible ability to focus, to keep productivity, to mitigate stress and so much more.

Although, when you create amazing sleeping habits you can quite literally act with boundless amounts of energy and productivity.

Keeping your health worries behind and you running at full speed.

Fundamental 6: Living To Live Forever

living to live forever - heightened living

Focusing on longevity is a key of heightened living.

It only makes sense

Creating an amazing Heightened Life won’t matter much if you don’t have the ability to live for a long time.

Live fast die hard or YOLO is out, and living long with an amazing life is in.

Utilizing this principle will help you finally be able to stay healthy, live freely and experience that blueprint plan of goals that you set in fundamental #1.

Fundamental 7: Quality and Achieving a Heightened Life

The last part of heightened living is quality.

Quality comes last simply because by partaking in all other lessons you create a life suitable for quality.

Never settling becomes the key to a Heightened Life.

I mean you worked hard, you kicked ass, your health is in check and your going to live for a long time.

The only thing that’s left is to ensure that your life is filled with quality and is actually heightened to the aspect of wanting to live in this life forever.

That’s why we end with quality.

With becoming the best and only using the best.

This is Heightened Living.

Thanks for joining me on this journey and I look forward to our time together.


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