The Lost Art Of Journaling – Taking Advantage Of What You Know


The reason that humans are more evolved and separate from something even as similar as the chimpanzee is our ability for both written and vocal communication. In fact, our ability to the journal has been one of the greatest ways we have recorded scripture and history as it unfolds. Looking at the lives of Seneca, Marcus…

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What Iron Man and Success Have In Common


Iron man and success are synonymous with each other. I mean Tony Stark is the pinnacle of rich, privileged, knowledgeable and successful. Think about it this way, if having billions of dollars, beautiful women, the mind of a genius and the iron man suit doesn’t deem you successful than what does? Although in that, there…

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30 Habits That You Need To Create Before Turning 30 Years Old


Well, I’m not 30 yet, and have quite a bit of time until turning 30, here are 30 habits crucial to everyone, especially before you turn 30. Master these 30 habits and not only will life be easier, but productivity will also be greater, happiness higher and success effortless. Enjoy. 1. Wake Up Early “The early…

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