The Ultimate Guide to Gearing up for Life


  The classic “Oh, I’ll just wear this raggedy old pair of sweats and this T-shirt from my high school track days” is over. The technology exists now to reduce how much you smell and clothes can even absorb and disperse sweat to allow it to wick off your body for extended periods of time.…

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The Fundamentals of Heightened Living: Habits


Learning What to Add and What to Subtract: Creating Ever Lasting Habits and Destroying the Bad ones While seemingly trivial, creating everlasting habits and destroying the bad ones can be one of the greatest steps to a heightened lifestyle.   This goes hand in hand with quality and consistency I talked about before.   By…

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The Fundamentals of Heightened Living: Quality and Consistency


Quality and Consistency: 2 Keys to a Heightened Lifestyle   Here is the truth   Quality should always come first.   What do I mean?   You should always opt for the utmost quality in every situation, anything and everything you do.   Regardless of price, regardless of the situation.   Quality should always come…

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Hi, My Name is Austin Floyd, and I write about Self Improvement.

I started on my path for total self-improvement and optimization about 5 years ago, totally improving my life in every way. I have since gotten my dream job, moved to Florida and created a life sustainable for helping others.

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Learn How To Achieve Restful Deep Sleep

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Help 100,000 people create a life of their dreams. We are sick and tired of sitting around and hoping for people to take action, and Heightened Living was born to help others create their dream reality.

Through habit formation, productivity tools and techniques, life-hacking goodness, success principle and much more the community of Heightened Living has started to transform their lives. 


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Heightened Living is an excellent place for anyone looking to take their life to new heights. I founded Heightened Living with only the goal in mind to help 100,000 people create their own dream reality. Using productivity tools, habit creation, life-hacks and certain unique principles one can completely revolutionize their life for the long-term

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