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Stop Sitting, and Make Sure You Start Standing Correctly


This is article is going to be brief but get right to the point. You need to stop sitting so much and start standing or even squatting; both are better forms for your body to be. Although, the problem people run into are two-fold leading to one of two options: You start standing for a…

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The Best Way To Improve Focus and Sleep Effortlessly – Brain.Fm


About eight months ago I began using a tool that’s been allowing me to not only cheat my way to focus better, but also to let me nap effortlessly and fall asleep on command. That tool is the brain music provided by How The Brain Focus Music of Brain.Fm Works is a sort of…

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The Perfect Stretching Routine Schedule For an Injury Free Life


Stretching seems to be a conundrum in today’s “fitness” community. Many people advocate against stretching, saying that it is mostly useless, while others preach yoga and continuous stretching both before and after exercise. Although, realistically the medium is the where most of the benefits lie. Both having a proper stretching routine done frequently, but not…

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Hi, My Name is Austin Floyd, and I write about Self Improvement.

I started on my path for total self-improvement and optimization about 5 years ago, totally improving my life in every way. I have since gotten my dream job, moved to Florida and created a life sustainable for helping others.

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Learn How To Achieve Restful Deep Sleep

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