Why You Need Bodyweight Training To Live An Amazing Life


I used to be the typical gym rat. Going to the gym 5x a week was my hobby. It was then I discovered a site called Kinobody and started to practice more of minimalist, three day-a-week workout schedule based around strength. Although, it put me back into a strict approach where I only would go and…

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Heightened Living - Austin

The Simple Truth For Heightened Living and My Passion


I’m a biohacker by nature. Someone who constantly wants to improve themselves and optimize just about everything in their lives. From friends to the environment to nutrition to exercise and daily habits. Just about everything I do, I always question why and how it can be made better. Although, I also find myself getting frustrated time after…

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melatonin for sleep - pills

Should I Take Melatonin For Sleep? How To Improve Sleep


Melatonin is a pesky supplement. It’s something that so many people are taking, yet there’s always the question of “should I take melatonin for sleep?” and the answer might surprise you. The Answer For “Should I Take Melatonin For Sleep.” NO You should not be taking melatonin for sleep and here is the reason why.…

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Hi, My Name is Austin Floyd, and I write about Self Improvement.

I started on my path for total self-improvement and optimization about 5 years ago, totally improving my life in every way. I have since gotten my dream job, moved to Florida and created a life sustainable for helping others.

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Learn How To Achieve Restful Deep Sleep

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Help 100,000 people create a life of their dreams. We are sick and tired of sitting around and hoping for people to take action, and Heightened Living was born to help others create their dream reality.

Through habit formation, productivity tools and techniques, life-hacking goodness, success principle and much more the community of Heightened Living has started to transform their lives. 


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Heightened Living is an excellent place for anyone looking to take their life to new heights. I founded Heightened Living with only the goal in mind to help 100,000 people create their own dream reality. Using productivity tools, habit creation, life-hacks and certain unique principles one can completely revolutionize their life for the long-term

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