Defeating Insomnia: To Cure The #1 Sleep Disorder

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Why Insomnia Is Our Nation’s Issue

Insomnia to many is a vague disease that randomly inhibits people.

Truthfully, many of us have insomnia, which quite literally is “habitual sleeplessness; inability to sleep.”

This sleep disorder is so common and leads to why so many of us honestly can’t sleep day in and day out. Staying up rolling around night after night, is a sleep disorder whether diagnosed or not.

Let this article help you fall asleep and take back your night.

Curing Your Sleep Disorder

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As with most problems, insomnia is probably present because of an underlying issue.

When it comes to weight loss,  many of us don’t realize that we are eating more than we think or in other cases, not performing as much of the necessary activity that leads to a lean and maintainable physique.

The same goes for the reason you can’t sleep.

What is the first thing we need to do to cure insomnia?

First, of all go through this quick checklist and see if any of this happens to you at night or during the day:

  • You drink caffeine past 2 p.m.
  • Your mind races at night before bed
  • Loud noises happen throughout your night
  • Up until bed you are staring at a screen
  • You don’t have a nightly routine
  • Stress is very prevalent in your life

If you have answered yes to any or most of these, then your problem is probably what you answered yes too.

Utilizing information as the source of your sleep disorder insomnia is going to be key to eliminating it all together.

Caffeine past 2 p.m.

If you are drinking caffeine past two p.m. (and trying to sleep around 9 or 10) then is probably one of the primary reasons that you can’t sleep.

This is because (as I detailed in Coffee and Productivity) caffeine has a half-life of 8 hours, meaning it has broken down to half in eight hours.

Caffeine acts on your adenosine receptors and increases your adrenal output, making your internally stressed. By reducing caffeine intake about eight hours before bed, you can help to make sure that caffeine isn’t at play in keeping you up at night and causing insomnia.

A Racing Monkey Mind

In (This Article) I detailed out a routine for ensuring that you can subdue your monkey mind at night.

This may be the primary driver to you staying up, unable to fall asleep and causing insomnia.

Utilizing the box breathing or any form of meditation before bed or when you have a racing mind, will prove to be a beneficial tool in the arsenal against insomnia.

Your Night Has A Lot Of Noise

noise and insomnia

Noise at night is a definite problem.

Loud noises or anything that stresses you out can be a reason many times for why we can’t sleep at night.

Our bodies work using either the parasympathetic nervous system or sympathetic (which controls fight or flight.) When our bodies here loud noises or any continuous noise that continues to annoy, it activates the sympathetic nervous system and spikes adrenaline.

Which can cause insomnia?

The prolonged output of stress hormones will lead to the inability to sleep, overstressing and ultimately many more sleep disorders than just insomnia.

Making sure that you are using some form of noise blocking (i.e. earphones or a white noise generator) can drastically improve your sleep quality and get rid of ensuing insomnia.

Staring At All That Light Before Bed

Light before bed is a terrible detriment to sleep.

I mean check out this article and then this study.

By putting just a pin of blue light at the back of one’s kneecap stopped melatonin production in the individual tested on.

Add to the fact that blue light before and up to bed, both inhibits the amount of melatonin secreted and the duration, and we have an environment groomed for horrible sleep quality.

Instead of staring at a light before bed and keeping your insomnia try only to have natural light, and forego electronics.

Read a book, play a board game, have some sex.

Each of those will make sure that blue light isn’t messing up your wonderful sleep.

Okay, I Guess It’s Time To Go To Sleep

Falling asleep at a whim is like jumping into the ring last minute.

It doesn’t matter if you are a good fighter if you are;t ready you aren’t going to be able to perform.

The same happens with the body and sleep. When you develop a routine around sleep, not only can you sleep better and deeper but your mind gets your body prepared for bed at the onset of your routine.

Setting up a routine can entail any form of activities before (especially ones detailed in this article) and only needs to start about an hour or 30 minutes before bed.

Although, after conducting it just a couple of nights you will see an incredible improvement in sleep quality and quantity while profoundly diminishing your insomnia.

You Are Constantly Stressed

Work sucks, your workout is hard; dieting takes its toll; your kids don’t let you sleep, and life is plainly just hell.

That is a stressful life.

Combining a host of factors, many people don’t realize that they constantly have stress, and that is causing their minds to trigger the sleep disorder known as insomnia.

Although, there are a few ways to help get rid of all the stress in your life before going to bed:

  1. Find Areas That Are Very Stressful And Minimize Those Activities
  2. Eat More Food
  3. Eat More Carbs And Salty Foods
  4. Meditate or Perform Box Breathing
  5. Stop Worrying and Start Living
  6. Practice Gratitude

Any of these practices will help get rid of the reason you can’t sleep.

Utilizing those six different activities will dramatically help decrease stress, stop the production of cortisol and influence amazing sleep.

Eliminating the Reason You Can’t Sleep: Insomnia

eliminating the reason you can't sleep - insomnia

When you use the advice above, your life will dramatically change.

Insomnia will leave you and sleep will come quickly.

Not only does this information help you get rid of your sleep disorder, but it will also drastically improve your daily energy and wellbeing.

Try each of these and watch your saying “I can’t sleep” shift to “the sound of snoring” because the only thing you will be having is a healthy dose of sleep.

And if you want more, check out the Hormonal Sleep Solution (Mastering Your Night To Take Back Your Day) and start SLEEPING.



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