What Iron Man and Success Have In Common


Iron man and success are synonymous with each other.

I mean Tony Stark is the pinnacle of rich, privileged, knowledgeable and successful.

Think about it this way, if having billions of dollars, beautiful women, the mind of a genius and the iron man suit doesn’t deem you successful than what does?

Although in that, there are a few lessons we can take from Ironman and translate into our lives as success habits.

Standing For What He Believes In

If there is one thing that almost every successful person shares in common, it is that they all believe in their internal values strongly and ensure that they stick by them.

No matter what.

More specifically Tony stands by being the sole proprietor and protector of the earth.

A challenge that not only haunts him inside but many times leads to the segregation of his friends and the entire country against him.

But when it comes to business and his lifestyle success he ensures that everything in his life is quality, and nothing will disrupt his creation of high-tech upgraded toys and technology to protect the world.

Which leads to the next item of success

Ensuring that Quality is In All Aspects of Life

Having billions of dollars means that you can live lavishly and not worry about it, and Iron Man does that best.

But that doesn’t mean you can make sure that quality is a key component in your life as well.

Think about it this way, if your standards are quality and the lowest that you will submit too in life resides with quality then your default settings will become quality.

Recently, while both watching Iron Man and diving into the teachings of Jason Capital, I made the relation that is never settling is the way to success.

Iron man doesn’t take no for an answer.

And when he is sure that he can do something, regardless of countless¬†“No’s,” he makes sure that he tries as hard as possible to do it.

Making it evident that iron man and success go hand in hand because of…

Working Harder and Smarter Than Everyone Else


Iron Man/ Tony Stark is the pinnacle of a hard worker.

Even when his blood is filled with metal, almost dying from toxicity, he ensures that he is working diligently at what he can.

Searching for a serum to replace plutonium and working to improve his suit, nothing can get in his way.

He makes sure that his default setting is productive and that he is, regardless of environment or anything around him, working as hard as possible with a straight mind.

That is what makes one person more successful than another person.

Ensuring that your default setting is one which you can always call upon and bleed success, makes you successful.

When you wake up in the morning, your default setting needs to be passionate, grateful, successful and energized.

During your workout, after working your ass off harder than anyone else gasping for breath, your default setting needs to stay the same.

And right before bed, yeah keep that default setting the same.

That is what makes one person more successful than another, ensuring that their default setting is a success, and it always calls for quality.

What You Can Do To Resemble Tony Stark and Breed Success

  • The First and Most Important Is To Stick To Your Values and Word As Strongly As Possible
  • Make Quality Your Form Of “Settling.”
  • Keep Your Default Setting Positive, Motivated, and Energized.

Doing these simple tasks will transform your life, and like Iron Man and Success, go hand in hand.

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