How To Master Longevity For Better Health and to Live Longer


Longevity is a topic that isn’t discussed much.

Sure if you dive into the research and look for ways to improve your health to live longer, you can find it, but with a heightened lifestyle comes the ability to cherish and live it for a long, long time.

That’s why this lesson is solely dedicated to health and longevity.

More specifically increasing our ability to live longer utilizing particular proven techniques that help to decrease aging, improve health, and keep well-being at an ultimate high.

If you improve your life using heightened Living, and your health is on auto-pilot, then there is no reason you can’t live it up, for the years to come.

What Is Longevity and why do I want to Live Long?

Live fast die hard is a motto of our day and age.

YOLO is another.

Although both of these symbolize foregoing living to an older age, to reap the benefits of today.

There's a crucial piece missing.

You can both have your cake and eat it too.

Living a happy fulfilled life, with partying and adventurous events that create lasting memories should be something each of us does, and not at the compromise of living for a long, long time.

Longevity on the other hand specifically means living a long life, but with HL you will be living a long life full of memories, thrills, and achievements.

And who knows you may live forever if you hit the threshold of science.

But for now, we need to focus on a few things to increase our longevity and become who we want to be.

Utilizing a Minimization of Stress

One of the most detrimental forms of aging is…


Stress is so prominent and shared in our society.

I mean how many people do you know, successful or not, who have a boundless amount of stress.

Everything they do stresses them out; shallow breathing is their method of inhaling oxygen, and all you see is degrading health day after day.

Most people don't ever realize how stressed they are until they simply can't handle it anymore.

In fact, most of the "ripped" people in this world have been living on a calorie deficit of years, chronically stressing their systems, decreasing their digestion and ability to process food, while sabotaging their mental endurance.

Sounds fun, right?


Although, taking the approach of minimizing distress and increasing eustress is the correct way to go about this.

There a couple of important ways to do this.

1. Take Out Overbearing Causes of Stress

In life many things cause stress, and I understand that some just can't be stopped.

The inevitable ensures that you shouldn't stress simply because stress is the ability to control something and not doing it.

With anything that IS going to happen, you shouldn't stress because it is out of your control.

On the other hand we tons of activities that we continually pursue regardless of the stress it causes us.

We need to delete those from our lives.

Here's a small list of things you didn’t realize were stressing you:

  • Email, Text and Constant Notification
  • Micronutrient Deficiencies
  • Your Lack of Sodium, Potassium, and Magnesium
  • That Calorie Deficit

Start with these and watch yourself immediately begin to calm down, becoming able to perform other activities which would have put you over the edge.

2. Take Up Some Form Of Destressing Practice

There are a few ways to go about a distressing practice.

More specifically I would recommend either meditation, Tony Robbins priming method, from rolling or magnesium salt baths.

Using these when you know you are stressed, or performing one of them every single day, will ensure that you physiological bring down your stress levels.

Cortisol isn't bad unless it is released in high doses at the wrong times and that is why you feel chronically stressed.

But that brings me to my next point

3. Make sure your cortisol cycle is correct

One crucial item which most forget about is the fact that we function off of rhythms and systems and our hormones release at certain times.

Except when everything has been changed, we seamlessly go from hero to 0 in days.

Our cortisol cycle is the release of the stress hormone cortisol.

In the morning this should be high, waking us up, clearing out melatonin from the blood stream and ensuring that we can perform attentively throughout the day.

This allows us to work out in the morning.

Then again there is a small spike around 5, but ultimately a decrease from thereon which leads to you falling asleep and melatonin’s release.

Cortisol and melatonin fight back and forth, when one is high, the other is low.

Now when you go to lay down tired, but then feel like you could run a marathon, that is cortisol spiking at the wrong times.

A quick way to reset your cortisol cycle and get your body back to normal is by:

  • Getting sunlight in the morning and throughout the day (20 minutes at least)
  • Drinking Coffee in The Morning to spike cortisol
  • Working out during the day
  • Taking vitamin D
  • And focusing on the de-stressing exercises before bed

As for stress this is a foundation to living forever without constant chronic elevated stress hormones and continued aging.

Creating Proper Mitochondrial Functioning

One of my good friends and fellow independent researchers is a man named Tim Berzins.

He is also the creator of the program Ignite Your Metabolism.

The reason that I bring him up is he introduced me to the research of improving mitochondrial performance for a better metabolism and subsequently diminished aging.

Quite literally we age as telomeres are stressed, and our bodies mitochondria start to perform less and less efficiently.

This leads to diseases, reduced recovery, and death.

But by improving your cellular metabolism (mitochondrial functioning), you can inhibit the rate at which you age and get diseases, making you destress and live a better life.

Well this is a key to improving health and to live long there are  few principles to focus on at the beginning:

  1. Eat more salt and sugar
  2. Focus on destressing activities
  3. Eat beef gelatin and bone broth (glycine is crucial to mitochondrial functioning)
  4. Supplement with magnesium
  5. Use red light (650nm or more)
  6. Allow yourself to eat lots and lot of fruit/carbs

These are just a few of the essential items utilized for increasing metabolic rate and mitochondrial functioning.

If you want more check out Ignite Your Metabolism or Tim’s guest posts on increasing your metabolism to live forever (here.)

Keep Your Brain, Bones, Stomach, Tissues and Heart Healthy.

While we all know that there are different components of the body that diminish with aging, there are few we want to prevent from aging.

The Brain:

Studying neuroscience, I became very familiar with the brain and how it works.

One of the most fascinating, intriguing and mysterious parts of our body is that which controls the rest of our organs and the function of our body.

The brain, if diminished, leads to a decreased quality of life, disabilities, disturbance of the body and degradation.

It’s also the last thing we want to happen.

That’s why improving the health of the brain is so important.

While that is the topic for another full comprehensive article on the brain a few of the items that you can take action on immediately are:

  • Eat a nutritious diet
  • Perform meditation regularly
  • Use inversion tables
  • Try a brain boosting supplement like eleuthero and vitamin B complex

Leading To The Stomach - The Enteric Nervous System

Little known to most is that our stomach and its system is the third part of the autonomic nervous system.

When cutting off from the brain, it continues to function as if everything was fine, and the 100 billion neurons speak for themselves.

That's why a healthy gut is so detrimental to aging.

The gut immediately affects the mood, stress levels and our ability to partition nutrients correctly.

When we neglect the gut, we feel it.

Think about that time when you ate the shady street food and ended up not only commencing the annual purge but staying in a solemn mood for days after.

Our gut doesn't like to be toyed with, and neither do the micro-organisms that make it up.

Shedding light on one of the main ways to improve the stomach

Ensure that you are feeding the right bacteria what they need

Meaning you need to eat specific foods to influence a healthy and functioning gut.

The top three foods to eat are fermented foods (like kombucha), whole fruits and vegetables, and a diverse diet including sugar

Each of these has their reason.

Fermented foods help to increase the density of good bacteria, the fruits and vegetables provide fiber, nutrients, and sugar to improve digestive tract and help the stomach influence the happy response, inducing dopamine production.

On the other hand supplementing with a good probiotic may also create a stable gut environment (I recommend floracil-50 by anabolicmen)

Have Some Heart

Next up is the heart, the most common reason that Americans die from old age.

Quite literally heart disease leads to one in every four deaths in America.

And as we live longer and longer, those rates will only increase.

But we need to change that, and there are a few ways to keep your heart health to provide your body with proficient oxygen and your brain happy.

The heart even goes as far to influence hormonal production.

To keep it healthy, practicing some endurance activity a couple of times a week will keep it's rate healthy.

But don’t overdo it and become a marathon runner whose heart gives out because of the expanding of ventricles.

Moderate intensity of cardio activity a couple of times a week (maybe one LISS and one HIIT session) will keep your heart healthy.

Add to that a healthy mitochondrial diet and proper supplementation and you will see incredible results.

Bones, Tissues, Tendons and Ligaments.

Unlike most of the body that gives out from disease, these wear down and degrade over time.

It's the reason that the elderly need to keep a "help I've fallen and can't get up" button close by, and that every time they go to reach for something, there's a tear or break.

Although, when it comes to aging we need to keep our tissues, bones, tendons and ligaments healthy to "live forever."

For now, just focus on these key points:

  • Make sure you are eating collagen which helps to regulate immune response and keep joints and tissues healthy
  • Supplement with curcumin which has huge anti-inflammatory compounds
  • Ensure your posture is correct
  • Relearn motor movement patterns and get back full ROM (range of motion)

A lot of the time we don’t realize we are walking with duck feet, sitting the with our necks protruded forward or even standing with a slouch, but it adds up.

Taking about 10,000 steps wrong, over a week, month or year leads to bad knees or a torn ACL.

Which goes against the longevity of the tissues, joints, tendons and ligaments.

As for a quick way to improve bone density for aging simply do these two things:

  • Supplement with powdered bone, spinal cord, and tissue (or egg shell calcium)
  • Perform resistance training for the duration of your life.

Studies show incredible results for bone density as one age and perform resistance training together.

Supplementation To Live Forever:

Last but not least is the field that many of think longevity as.

To live long a lot of people assume you need to consume a plethora of supplements; greens powders, multivitamins, protein shakes and so much more.

Well, you don't there is a benefit to a few compounds being tested right now for improving aging.

NAD+ or Nicotinamide Riboside:

In our mitochondria, creating energy happens through multiple precursor molecules.

One of the main ones elicited and used for optimal functioning is NAD+, and there is some evidence that by supplementing both intravenously and orally.

Utilizing this helps to decrease internal stress and increase mitochondrial functioning effortlessly helping to ensure that you aren't aging incredibly fast.


PQQ is interesting as, in the case of mitochondrial health and longevity, it has been shown to help form new mitochondria.

Meaning while doing everything else will improve the functioning of mitochondria, PQQ will increase the amount that you have.

Giving you more energy and less stress for the long-term aging effects of life.

Methylene Blue:

Through my research and the countless amount of studies, it seems one of the oddest yet proven to work aging and cognitive enhancing supplements is called methylene blue.

This is a medical dye.

Although the results are pretty astounding:

  • Enhanced cytochrome c oxidase
  • Oxygen consumption
  • Cerebral blood flows improvement
  • And improved brain glucose utilization with enhanced ATP production

All while reducing oxidative stress in the body.

This is simply a miracle type supplement, although tread with caution as the side effects of taking a medical dye hasn't seemed to be unearthed yet.

There may be none, but we don't want to take any chances.

It works by decreasing the ability to create new NO and then binding the NO that circulates and is suspended in the blood.


Have you ever heard that wine is good for you? Or blueberries have amazing longevity compounds?

The reason that they are heralded for making you live long is based on their content of resveratrol a substance that has been shown to help increase longevity.

Although, structurally similar is pterostilbene, a compound known to work better.

It seems to reduce microglial nitric oxide production when stimulated by LPS without directly scavenging the nitric oxide radicals.

That’s a Wrap

For the Heightened Living lesson on longevity, that's it, folks.

Stay tuned for the next lesson and finally achieving the life you’ve always wanted.

All of this information will make sure you can reap the most benefits.

Talk soon,