Three Powerful Words To Immediately Stop Overthinking

Three words - stop ovethinking

As an avid reader, I come across a lot of information, some good and some horrible.

Recently, taking a recommendation from Jason Capital on a way to improve your mental environment I dove into the book Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It

And the truth is, after reading it the title is truly wonderful.

This is one of the quickest and useful books I’ve ever read, and the message needs to be shared.

How To Stop Overthinking Today.

love yourself - stop overthinking

The main premise of this concise book (which took me 50 minutes to read) is that to stop overthinking or bring oneself back to the present there is a simple yet powerful mantra of three words to use.

I Love Myself

This saying, while sounding egocentric, is meant to make you love yourself.

And without loving oneself how is one able to accept the weakness, beat on one’s strength, stop overthinking and become the best version of oneself?

While I’m not going to dispel the whole book, there was one crucial meditation exercise that author Kamal recommends

The Powerful Meditation To End Overthinking

You have 7-8 minutes every morning to perform a meditation, and if you don’t then wake up earlier.

Start performing a meditation using the following guidelines:

  • Pick a song without lyrics that gives you a warm feeling
  • Play song all the way through while repeating “I love myself” in your head
  • When other thoughts arise, on the exhale, breathe them out
  • As you sit, feel the warmth from a light above your head heating you up.
  • End the meditation at the end of the song.

While so simple, this is one of the best ways to control your mind and one of the amazing ways to stop overthinking altogether.

How To Take Back Your Overthinking Mind at A Moment’s Notice

take back your mind - stop overthinking

Let’s finish this short and concise article by ensuring that we can stop our mind, and focus on his present moment at the drop of a hat.

This is simply done with the phrase

“I love myself.”

You should be able to feel the warmth and gratitude that you have towards yourself when you say it, and if you don’t, it’s okay.

Faking it till you make it (or repeating it all the time) will help to ensure that it becomes a state brain default.

When stressed repeat, I love myself.

When Anxious repeat, I love myself.

When having a bad day repeat, I love myself.

Your mission for today and the following few months is to practice this, and truly start loving yourself, because with it success, sleep and everything will feel that much easier.

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