Why Practice Gratitude Everyday (and It’s Impact)

Gratitude Practice

Something as simple as saying “thank you” can be the ultimatum in your life.

Gratitude itself is something humans have internally programmed, just think about it.

When times are going well we automatically seem to be praying or thanking someone for something, feeling grateful for what we have.

But, when times are bad, we have to actively think about them to bring about the feeling of positivity.

When Is The Best Time To Perform Gratitude?

best time to practice gratitude


Well for me it comes about during the morning and evening via a gratitude journal, while during the day, texting or calling people that I am thankful for.

See unlike going crazy and calling people telling them that you are grateful, instead, I like to check in with people every couple of weeks, making sure the day that I text is a great one for them and that they are doing fantastic.

On the other hand, my gratitude journal is a bit structured.

How I structure My Gratitude Journal

create a nighttime routine

Take any notebook, piece of paper, or journal you have because this is going to be very easy.

Then write down 5 things, people or anything that you are grateful for.

For instance, today, I wrote down

  • Active Release Technique
  • My Parents Trust In Me
  • Bananas with cinnamon, salt, agave and honey
  • my cousin blake graduating
  • Grocery stores

A pretty odd list right?

But these are things that I am completely and ever so grateful for.

And that is what ti gets you to see, that the random things in life, or in your life, are many times the things we take for granted.

Well, we stay grounded in our heightened live‘s we need to ensure that we never forget the important things.

Exactly who we are, who brought us here, and the things that we are lucky to have in life.

So that is exactly what I am doing when I write in my gratitude journal each morning. It make’s me such a better person to be able to start the day with some grateful behavior.

Mid Day Gratitude Check-Ins

cell phones at night

We are addicted to our technology.

Being on it all day every day, checking it around 200 times (social media) and putting everything of meaning on there.

Although, we can use it for gratitude as well.

When I am bored at work, or in a down mood, I love to text 10 people at the same time asking how they are and hoping they have a great day.

I love to check in with them, and it makes me grateful for their relationships with me.

On top of that, it always picks up my mood and in many of cases (I hope) their mood as well.

Sending a text as simple as “Hey, hope you have an amazing day today” or “Hey, hope all is well” is so simple yet so powerful.

Even greater would be calling someone you are thankful for, telling them that you are thankful for them and why. Most of these people won’t have heard you ever tell them why you are grateful for them and it can make weeks.

Here is a quick experiment to do:

Once a day for the next three days does this experiment:

  • Text 3 people a personalized meaningful text
  • Call 2 People and tell them why you are grateful for them
  • Write 1 handwritten letter thanking someone for your relationship

For barely any effort you can literally make someone’s life so much better.

Think about it this way.

In our society, no one smiles at each other. I mean literally no one.

I remember watching a show one time, maybe fiction or maybe not, where the women were going to commit suicide, but would have stopped if one person smiled at on the mile walk that she had before her…

No one smiled.

I do not remember what happened but I know that this is true by just walking around outside.

Us humans thrive off of human interaction, we become shaped by social pressures, and molded by those around use, and in that time, we have lost our true nature of communication and friendliness with each other.

Almost all actually communication comes via expressions and body appearance to those around us.

Using our verbal and written form to thank someone changes everything.

The Nightly Gratitude Routine


Lastly, before I hit the hay I do one more gratitude exercise.

I write down what happened that was amazing during the day, what I am thankful for of that and allow myself to meditate on it if I feel I need it.

Giving it one more try solidifies the gratitude and keeps me hungry.

While all of this can seem like a lot, I want you to just try one thing at a time.

Or you can check out what originally inspired me to start a gratitude journal The Five Minute Journal.

It’s awesome and takes only five minutes a day to change your life.

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