The Simple Truth For Heightened Living and My Passion

Heightened Living - Austin

I’m a biohacker by nature.

Someone who constantly wants to improve themselves and optimize just about everything in their lives.

From friends to the environment to nutrition to exercise and daily habits.

Just about everything I do, I always question why and how it can be made better.

Although, I also find myself getting frustrated time after time with other people not following optimized routes, doing things that don’t lead to an optimized life and throwing great opportunities down the drain.

So I wanted to create this blog post and reveal the reason Heightened Living and the fundamentals were born.

It May Be A Bit Narcissistic.

Let me first off say that the reason that I write and put out content may be narcissistic, although in a different sense of the word.

No, I am not doing this for fame (although that would be nice), but more because my narcissism lies in the people that I help achieve anything they think they can.

For instance, when someone takes their life from point A to point B and becomes something greater, it truly makes me happy.

Anyone optimizing or biohacking in any way makes me feel good about myself.

It may be something that I shouldn’t take pride in.

But I do, and if this is my hit of choice, I’ll keep it.

Heightened Living is All About Helping

I recently performed the thought exercise known as a “why” ladder.

Essentially you start with exactly what you want your life to be and then ask why.

You answer and continue to ask why over and over again until you realize what you want for your life and why.

My answer came out to be “to help everyone experience their one life more fully and in the best way possible.”

Regardless of beliefs or anything else, I will bet my money on a person’s life.

Everyone gets one life, or for now, we do, and making the most of that one life is the only thing that truly makes any sense at all.

Think about it this way.

If you only get one life, and you use it following a shitty path or work a job you hate or doing anything that wastes your precious time on this earth, then what’s the point?

There’s always more you can wring out of life, and I think it doesn’t make sense not too.

This article is short, but I hope the message sticks with you.

And if there is one thing I know, it’s that this site will continue to help make each and everyone who ever reads it, to improve their time at least fractionally and become better and better.

Life is amazing, and I want you to experience that as well.


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