One Trick To Actually Accomplish Your (Smart) Goals

smart goals - one trick

The title of this article may have caught your eye, correct?

Well, that’s something called a pattern interrupt, and a tool that I use each and every day when I am advertising for some multimillion-dollar brands.

On the other hand, you are here for “one trick” to accomplish your goals, although that leads us down another path.

First, let’s start with that one trick.

Setting The Correct Goals

setting the correct goals - smart goals

If you haven’t already went through the free fundamentals course for achieving heightened living, well then I highly recommend you do.

Most of you probably have not, though, and with that, we need to dive into a crucial topic.

Proper Goal Setting

You may already have some goals in your mind, and have gone through the experiment of writing out your year, three years and lifetime goals, but even with doing this we need to make sure that you are setting the correct goals.

Not every goal is equal.

Not by far.

We need SMART action goals.

In fact, where I learned about SMART action goals was through where he teaches you how to make content that bears fruit.

Let’s break down smart goals as something to use when planning the correct goals.

S = Specific:

Specific means that you define and describe the goal in as much detail as possible, putting in everything from who is involved, what is involved, why you are doing this and which constraints do you have to complete this goal.

M = Measurable

Without being able to get metrics and measure the progress of your goals you physically won’t be able to determine if it is the correct goal or you and you are achieving it slowly.

Think about it this way, if you run a huge company and are dropping thousands of dollars in ads with no way to measure if there is any return on interest, or you started a diet without a scale, mirror and measuring tape, how will you determine progress.

Make sure your goals are measurable.

A = Attainable/Achievable

I fall into a different base camp on this.

When you follow the path to heightened living setting the furthermost goals and trying to reach as high as you can is rewarded.

While many may seem unattainable, I want you to revisit the lesson on goals, because here is where determining the correct goals and what attainable is fallen into place.

Attainable in this instance should mean “able to accomplish while showing measurable results” in the case of setting a goal for a Lamborghini this makes sense.

As when you get the Lamborghini you have archived the goals, and through the process, you can measure your income increasing to the point that you can afford a Lamborghini.

R= Relevant

Relevance makes sense in almost every field and about anything.

We want our goal to be something relevant to our lives.

If our goal is to get our neighbor Charlie rich with no return, then it makes no sense for us to have any accountability and want to do anything for that goal.

Perhaps we want to help cure cancer as we are in search of something to help someone dear to us, that is a relevant goal.

Relevance goes so far as Facebook has a relevance term on all of their advertisements now, which make sure ads you see are and stay relevant, or they are not allowed to run.

You should feel like it the same way, make your goal relevant and you will work towards it every single day.


Lastly, the most important way to set the correct goals is to ensure that your goals are timely.

Meaning you have to have a time limit, something that you stick to and ensures that you are getting what you need to do.

Leading us to a very valid point and what I would consider the one trick to accomplishing your goals.

Ensuring Accountability Towards Your Goals

ensuring accountability to your goals - smart goals

As I go over in a previous post detailing how exactly achieve true accountability, it is a must when it comes to creating a goal and fulfilling it.

Why do business that works so well function like a well-oiled cog?

Their employees, workers, bosses and everyone else tied to the company has deadlines in which they must hit goals.

For you, it could be a yearly deadline of reaching some point, and you can hold accountability by doing something like a reverse bet, giving money to someone that will hold you accountable, or even hiring your boss (like this article talks about)

Take drastic measures to ensure that the correct goals we set, have a reason for being fulfilled, just like the letter R stands for, relevancy is important.

But, without accountability relevancy is very dismal.

It’s Time To Accomplish Your Goals

its time to accomplish your smart goals

Are you ready to get up and go out accomplishing your goals?

After setting them using either the protocol laid out in this article, or the one laid out in the fundamentals course, I want you to start taking action immediately.

It is imperative to your success.

Recently I was reading a great book where they talked about Bill Gates and his “luck.”

Although, they didn’t coin his success as being luck, return on luck (instead of investment) because he jumped at the opportunity that jumped at him.

If he would have said to Paul Allen that he needed a couple more years in college before developing the processor for personal computers, than his technology would have been obsolete and he would have never gone done in history.

Play your hand, take your profit and start accomplishing your goals.

Get a jumpstart with the Heightened Living Fundamentals Course (which is free) and get access to the exclusive members community.


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