Stop Sitting, and Make Sure You Start Standing Correctly

standing correctly

This is article is going to be brief but get right to the point.

You need to stop sitting so much and start standing or even squatting; both are better forms for your body to be.

Although, the problem people run into are two-fold leading to one of two options:

  1. You start standing for a while, but tire out and start sitting again
  2. You start standing improperly and end up injuring yourself or wearing down every day.

This brief article is going to teach you how to stand correctly so that you can get more activity, burn more calories and keep your blood flowing day after day without injury or any other side effects (besides maybe accidental weight loss.)

Proper Standing Technique (The Lower Body)

standing correctly

First off you need to ensure that your feet are screwed into the ground and about parallel with your shoulders.

This is the distance your feet should be together, and at that, they should also be pointing forward.

Your feet should always be point forward.

No more duck walking, penguin walking or any other weird animalistic style walking that screws you up in the long run.

Walking correctly and standing with your feet straight is crucial to proper standing mechanics and creating an injury-free environment.

On that note, while screwing your feet outwards you will notice your glutes engage, which is what you want.

Make sure your glutes are squeezed to get back into proper pelvic positioning.

Making Sure Your Torso Is Positioned Optimally


Next, we need to ensure that our abdominals are slightly (10-25% flexed) almost always.

This reduces the chance for spinal injury, or a hernia or any other sudden movement causing some discomforting injury.

When your core is tight, your spine stays protected and the breathing you perform mainly comes from the diaphragm.

Tightening the core also allows you to stop clenching your glutes and still keep your pelvis properly aligned.

After that, we need to focus on the chest, shoulders and back.

Make sure your chest is straight up, turn your shoulders until your thumbs point out (from the shoulders, not the arms or wrists) and your back is parallel.

This will put your torso in optimal position.

The Head and Neck

looking forward standing

Last but not least, keeping the neck and head positioned straight ahead will ensure that you are keeping proper positioning.

When using a standup desk the eyes and neck can look slightly downward or forward while the arms and wrist stay straight with the shoulders externally rotated.

For a quick refresher:

  • Feet straight and screwed into ground
  • Glutes tightened
  • Core at 10-25% tightness and diaphragmatic breathing
  • Chest up and shoulders externally rotated without pulling shoulder blades back
  • Neck straight and head looking forward.

Follow these, and you should be standing perfectly in no time.

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