The 1 Trick To Learn How To Love Reading More (Or For The First Time)

The truth is, reading is crucial to a Heightened Lifestyle.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking…

Austin, I don’t like to read anything but the articles on Heightened Living.

First off, thank you.

Secondly, reading is a habit that we all need to integrate into our day, because it’s so crucial to learning and understanding the way the world works.

If you stopped reading, don’t like it that much but still do it, or are a reader but would like to be┬áreading more, than this article is for you.

The 1 Trick To Learn How To Love Reading More

The trick is going to seem very simple.

Although, this trick ties in a lot of psychology and an incentive-based model for the person that uses it.

Making the trick as useful as it is.

Okay, instead of me dangling the carrot in front of you while you wonder what it is, here you go.

  1. Think of a problem that you currently have in life.
  2. Go to
  3. Select books in the search bar and type in your problem.
  4. Sort through the books and find a few with good reviews that speak to you.
  5. Buy one.
  6. Read it.

Yes, it is that simple.

Do you want to know why?

When you finish reading that book, and it solves the problem that you previously had you’ll start to realize that books have the solution to most problems.

Out of the billions of people who have lived, and millions who have written work, someone was in your shoes.

They had the same problem you had, except they figured it out and ended up writing a book about it.

That means that for most problems that you had have and are going to have there probably is a book to help guide you through it.

Now, this is sort of like a literary mentorship.

It shows you the power of books, and for most people that I help move through this experiment, it gets them hooked on reading.

Ever since the four-hour work week hooked me, I’ve never stopped.

And I hope that’s what you get out of this quick little trick to loving reading more.

Next time you find yourself with a problem or want to figure out where to go next on your path, just knowing that there is a book about it that will probably lift a weight off your shoulders.

Why Is This A High Leverage Skill?

Ultimately, creating the habit of reading can be a skill in itself, but in this article, we are referring to the skill of using someone else’s experiences as a model or path to solving a problem.

That is a high leverage skill.

Because it allows you to use your resources (see you may not have known this was one of them) and smash your problem out of existence.

Are you currently reading any books? Put it in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,


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