Alex Hutchinson on Endure, Mindset, and The Process

Alex Hutchinson (Sweatscience) is the author of “Endure” and “What Comes First? Cardio or Weights” After spending the majority of his life running and being a physicist, Alex at 28 joined the realm of Journalism. Endure is his work for the past ten years on how the mind and body can endure amazing feats.

This podcast was fascinating, and I’m excited to bring it to you.

Let’s welcome Alex to the podcast.

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Alex Hutchinson Podcast Show Notes:

00:35 – Alex’s journey to journalism.
03:00 – How empirical science and mindset meet in his book Endure.
06:30 – Finding journaling after psychics and running.
12:00 – The amazing world of free divers
19:30 – How Alex found the process for pushing past your limits.
22:30 – Facial Expressions and Mindset
27:40 – Bud Winters (Relax and Win)
28:40 – Motivational self-talk as being powerful for performance
30:30 – Understanding yourself and the ego at play to the top performers
34:10 – Incognito
35:00 – Alex’s High Leverage Skill
42:10 – What Alex is currently questioning
47:30 – NomadList
51:50 – What Alex is Obsessed with

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1 year ago

As always great podcast informative and educative. Learn a lot about the importance of cardio and weights.

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