Andy Earle on Talking to Teens and Parenting

Andy Earle (@talkingtoteensofficial) is a researcher at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, where he studies adolescent risk behavior and the role of parents in helping teens thrive. Andy is the founder of Talking to Teens and a publisher/speaker on how to parent effectively and talk to teens appropriately.

In this episode, we break down how the hero’s journey plays into the mind of teenagers when parenting styles have to change and to develop an autonomous teen.

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Show Notes

01:57 – Where Andy’s journey started
03:30 – How to effectively parent
07:45 – When Parents want their kid to be a better version of themselves.
14:30 – What happens when your kid is becoming someone you don’t like.
18:40 – Dealing with behavior that you don’t agree with.
26:00 – Helping your child identify their identity.
31:00 – Punishing your child for experimenting with their identity and how that plays out in their mind.
36:40 – What is Andy’s High Leverage Skill
43:00 – What he is Questioning
52:30 – Andy’s latest obsession (green tea.)

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