Anthony Ongaro on Minimalism and Breaking the Twitch

Anthony Ongaro (@breakthetwitch) is a filmmaker, minimalist, and voice in the movement of doing better with less. Anthony’s book has helped thousands learn to reduce the twitch that our modern world brings us and return to the conscious, intentional living.

My favorite part of this interview is our quick chat about Multipotentialites, of which Anthony has been the first to mention to me, and I am grateful for that.

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Show Notes

01:00 – The Start of Anthony’s Journey with minimalism, break the twitch, and intentional living started.
05:00 – The mindset of breaking the twitch
07:00 – Creativity vs. Consumption
10:30 – How filmmaking fits into Break The Twitch
14:20 – Starting by creating to create
17:00 – Doing the best with what you have
20:00 – How Anthony’s creativity evolved
26:30 – Anthony’s Higher Leverage Skill
30:00 – The Putty Tribe
34:20 – What Anthony is questioning

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