“The body will become better at whatever you do, or don’t do. If you don’t move, your body will make you better at not moving. If you move, your body will allow more movement.”

-Ido Portal


Often meditation gurus, business professionals, and others will talk about utilizing your mind without the body.

They claim physical element doesn't matter which is a paradigm of thinking that many monks explore.

Granted, Heightened Livers view the body differently.

Having leverage on your own body is one of the highest leverage skills you can have.

Besides from being able to move through space effortlessly, being able to look however you want, and knowing what you should or shouldn't eat, is powerful.

It allows you to take your physical element and use your bodies complete power.

Thus we can utilize both the mind and the body.

Which together are two of the highest leverage components to life.

Master your body, and you can master your life.



Movement is what we do.

As human's we are movers first and exerciser's second.

While we are all conditioned to think weight lifting or cardio are the two forms of exercise, let's think about it entirely different.

Quite literally everything we do comes down to being able to move proficiently.

That's why this section isn't titled health or fitness, but instead movement.

And the best part is that movement encompasses just about anything physical that we can do.

For instance here's a bit of what's involved in movement:

  • Cardio
  • Weight Lifting
  • Sports
  • Crawling and Animal Flow
  • Gymnastic Based Movements
  • Yoga
  • And a lot more.

Focusing on gradual improvements day after day with whatever you practice is the primary focus of movement.

Why Is Movement a High Leverage Skill?

Well, first off it allows you to do anything freely.

No pain, no impingements, and the freedom to move your body through space is a skill for life.

On top of that, it allows you to practice flowing freely in your body.

You get more comfortable and better able to get used to being uncomfortable.

That might mean feeling free to dance anywhere, randomly jump into a handstand, or go for a sporadic 5-mile run.

Which is why, by learning to move, and practicing movement (which can be one or any of the items that I've included in the list above) will lead to an overall better life.

Let's jump into a few movement practitioners who have good models to follow.

Ido Portal

Ido started out as a master of Capiorea the Brazilian martial art.

Although, he then pursued traveling the world and learning from the top sports specialists in the world.

Now he is Connor McGregor's trainer as well as one of the top movers and minds in the field.

Check out his youtube channel here: Ido Portal

Trent McCloskey

While he's newer to the scene, Trent is one of my close friends and a bright mind when it comes to health and fitness.

He combines traditional weight lifting for aesthetics, with rock-climbing, animal flow and much more in the name of the movement.

I highly recommend checking him out over at

Hunter Fitness

Hunter is a movement practitioner in the realm of FRC or Functional Range Conditioning.

One of the premises of FRC is that we need to teach ourselves functional ranges consciously.

For instance, can you pick up your big toe and keep your other toes on the ground? How about vice-versa?

That is functional range conditioning.

Hunter does a lot more than just playing with his toes teaching different exercises to do, practicing weight training (in functional ranges) and doing some of the craziest yoga positions.

Here's one of them.

A post shared by Hunter Cook (@hunterfitness) on


One of the most badass Instagram's and the #kingofsketch, Strongcamps showcases what a functional and movement based physique can look like and perform like.

Check out the whole interview here

Foot Mechanics

Knowing how your body works and moves are important.

When it comes to movement, the feet are where your first contact starts with the earth around you.

Recently, with Emily Splichal, we broke down foot health and how to move barefoot.



Movement and health are classified differently in my books.

Here's why.

You can move and do it well, learn all the positions and become incredibly agile when it comes to movement, but that doesn't mean anything about your health.

Let me tell you, knowing people inside the health and fitness industry... Those people are not healthy.

Mentally or Physically.

What ends up happening is that they put their physique or performance above their health and end up missing out.

For you, I'm not going to let that happen.

Inside of health, there are a lot of experts that can genuinely give you a bigger picture of how physiology works and what health is.

I'm going to run through a few of them now, more in articles, and start with the most controversial.

Raymond Peat (

Raymond Peat or Ray Peat as his followers call him is a fascinating man.

At about 80 years of age, he eats 3500 calories a day and lives in an excellent state of health. He is anti-authoritarian, non-dogmatic, and focused on the holistic method of health.

This is important.

Most "experts" focus on one thing or another. A doctor specializing in liver health will tell you that your liver is out of whack, but not look into your thyroid which is where the problem originated.

Ray gives a contrarian approach to standard health advice and one that I highly suggest you read into.

His articles are found here:

Be forewarned; his articles are rich with science that one with no background may have a hard time understanding, which is why I am going to include three health advocates who distill his message to nonscience minded people.

Danny Roddy

Danny often has Ray on his podcast Generative Energy and specializes in male pattern baldness.

Although, he shares most of Ray's messages to get rid of male pattern baldness (which if you have you should check him out)

Check out Danny here: Danny Roddy

Nathan Hatch (Fuckportioncontrol)

Nathan was an alcoholic with a chronic thyroid problem who used Ray's methods actually to help get rid of thyroid cancer.

Yeah, you read that right.

Nathan loves to break down the simplicity of the mechanisms of cancer and how to get rid of it effortlessly.

Any skeptics... Read his work.

For those who want Nathan's Story and approach you can reach him here:

Chris Masterjohn

Chris follows Ray mostly in the biology and chemistry that underlies it.

Like Ray, he does go into complex mechanisms but offers a course for free to understand biology and how all of this works.

His views are modest, and he shares great health information.

Check him out here: Chris Masterjohn

Carter Good

For those looking to slim down and utilize an approach that is easy to understand and works with you, Carter Good is the man.

Carter is one of my close friends, and he walks the walk.

Coming down from 305lbs to 155lbs he's shown he knows what he is talking about.

Today he is most active on Instagram and gives out tons of free health advice... Check him out here: Instagram

breathing blog logo


Breathing is one of the higher leverage skills that I will talk about because it is so crucial to so many areas of life.

More specifically we use breath for just about everything.

Snipers hold their breath for focus, happy people use belly breaths to laugh, Wim Hof uses his breath to stay warm in frigid temperatures, and David Deida uses breath to keep stamina and energy flowing in intimate situations.

Breathing is the first thing we do when we come out of the womb (besides maybe crying) and for a good reason.

It is one of the highest leverage skill we can have.

When mastering your breathing, you can increase your endurance, decrease body fat, and relax in any situation.

Master your breath, and you master your state.

That's why this is a significant section of BODY.

If we genuinely want to have mastery over our bodies, which is a higher leverage skill in itself, then we need to make sure that we've mastered our breath.

My favorite resource for learning how to breath is The Oxygen Advantage.

This book and program utilizes a technique called Buteyko Breathing and aims to get your airflow optimized so that you can fill up with CO2 and give the body the 02 that it needs.

Yes, this is counter to what most people think about deep-breathing.

But this is how we are supposed to breathe.

Here are a few tips:

  • Always breathe through the nose (and diaphragm)
  • Stop sighing
  • Learn to pause before inhaling
  • Tape your mouth shut using this at night.

So with me now take a deep nasal breath.





and Exhale




And Hold...



When we were kids, our parents always told us to get our sleep.

And I'm here to act like your parent.

Get some sleep.

When it comes to high leverage skills, getting good at sleep can set up your day every day, and that's important.

Start your day already on the wrong foot, makes it hard to correct.

When you learn how to sleep and get restful sleep, it's like taking off the training wheels.

Brain fog lifts off, and your performance in most areas improves.

Sleep is where we actively process and ingrain information as well as allow our body to recover.

Making sleep a skill that helps with learning while setting you up for your next day with energy so you can execute on the following higher leverage skills.

All in all, sleep is an HLS for life mastery.

Here are some of my favorite tips for sleep:

Body - Blog Posts


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