“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

-Oscar Wilde


A section on life?

Of course, we all need a kick in the pants once in a while to understand and appreciate what we have while striving to get better.

Although, this isn't your typical life advice.

LIFE, the section, is made up of 3 areas; relationships, success, and productivity.

Those are the different areas that make up our lives and the ones in which we need to identify higher leverage skills in and master for a heightened life.

I know it's not that simple, but let's dive in.



Relationships are one of the most complex systems and skills that comes about in our lives.

For me personally, I aim to make everyone close to me thrive in my presence because regardless of what happens to me, I want the people around me to blossom.

And its what I want for you.

See, when we start to master relationships out of an authentic and positive manner, we begin to see the world differently.

This goes for romantic and platonic relationships.

In reality, any time you are meant to interact and get close with someone that is a relationship.

It can stem from business deals to Tinder dates.

Whatever it may be there are many higher leverage skills that you can use to make everything flow much more fluidly.

Take business deals for instance.

What is the higher leverage skill of business deals? Body Language.

Mastering strong body language whether it be you being dominant in the deal, with a relaxed breathing and open posture, or needing to be agreeable.

By understanding and learning more about body posture you can then start to form the skill.

And then the next time that you go to Chipotle and ask for extra meat... Well, you may just get a free scoop 😉



Success is a perceived state that we often chase.

It's something that we can't necessarily pinpoint, but instead, assume we know both what it will feel like and the fruits that it will bear.

As with everything on Heightened Living, there are many different higher leverage skills one can utilize to guarantee more success.

One of the best to think about is "where you put energy is what gets made."

That's an honest truth.

People always claim they want success in a specific area, but when you analyze their actions, you see something different.

Nothing in their daily habits, structure or even life show a want for success.

And the incongruency sheds light on why they aren't going to be a success.

That being said, here are some of the best teachers of success.

Tim Ferriss

Tim is started with the launch of his book "the four-hour work week."

After catapulting his career with this, his newest books "Tools of Titans" and "Tribe of Mentors" have been incredible resources when it comes to studying how some of the top performers in the world live.

They unveil secrets and routines, of which you can digest and implement into your own life.

Tim's magic is his ability to act like a modern day Napolean Hill and deliver commonalities on how the most prominent minds of our day do what they do.

And its distilled in an easily drinkable way.

Read Tim's Books | Head To His Website | Read Napolean Hill


Anthony Robbins

Tony Robbins is one of the forefront figures of the success and self-help movement.

His events draw hundreds of people and gross millions of dollars while helping people have life-changing breakthroughs.

My first encounter with him was from his book Awakening The Giant Within, and from then on I have been hooked.

Anthony teaches everything from how to reframe words, the ability to set goals and how to think about life.

All in all, if you are looking for a success guru, this is your guy.

And, because I called him a Guru above, I want you to watch his Netflix special I Am Not Your Guru.


Seth Godin

If you've ever been around the marketing field, you've likely seen something about Seth Godin.

He's the author of The Purple Cow and Linchpin.

And he has quite the track record with establishing an alternative school called the AltMBA and teaching anyone about marketing and life.

Check out his blog for great daily content at



Similar to motivation, productivity is a high leverage skill that most people think either comes to them or doesn't.

And that is false. In fact, I always refer to a book when people think in this thought pattern.

The book The War of Art by Steven Pressfield not to be confused with Sun Tzu's The Art of War talks about how to get ideas.

Ideas only show up if you come to the table and put in the work every single day.

And then ideas flow to you effortlessly from what seems like a magical area.

Regardless of what you believe, this is an essential skill, which builds productivity over time.

Although, this only comes from being proactive and having productivity, not procrastination.

In life, you get rewards for doing, not for pushing things off.

And that is why productivity is such a crucial skill.

Now how do you build it?

You can build productivity as a skill by doing.

"If the trash is full, take it out."

And the more you start to do this, the better you will be at doing. Goodbye procrastination, hello productivity.

Its a positive reinforcing cycle of a task, making it a lot easier than you would think.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a few resources specifically focused on productivity I recommend checking out The Productivity Project by Chris Bailey or


Time Management

Time management goes hand-in-hand with productivity.

In fact, if your time isn't managed correctly then, most likely, you will never be as productive as you could be.

That's why Peter Druker is known for saying

What gets measured gets managed

Now, this is a bit different than our typical higher leverage skills.

While we often think of skills in the form of learning something, having control over your own time is one of the essential skills of life.

If you can't manage your time well, then nothing can get done.

You won't have free time, you won't have good work, and you won't be productive.

The easiest way to start managing your time wisely is to begin by analyzing "time sucks" in your day.

What takes up too much time and could be cut out or rearranged?

Whether that's people, tasks or hobbies, once you find these and cut them out, you'll realize how much time you have for what matters.

Oh and before I end this page. Please stop saying that you are "too busy." You can make time for what's important in life.

That is a simple truth.

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