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Separating From The Dogma of “Science” Our New Religion

By Fallball39 | March 5, 2019

We are about 2000 years from the creation of the religion called “christianity” and about another 4000 years from Judiasm. Although, in our midst, we’ve create a new religion, one that is based around “factual” and “proven” evidence. Sound familiar? Let’s explore our new religion, Science, and how it holds up against any of our…


Nathan Hatch on Autism, EMFs, Light Exposure, and Decreasing Stress

By Fallball39 | February 5, 2019

Nathan Hatch (@natyehatch) is the creator of Fuck Portion Control and a good friend of mine. After getting thyroid cancer in 2014 and finding himself unaided by medical institutions, he learned about human biology and the underlying causes of metabolic diseases such as cancer in order to keep himself alive. He has a host of…


Matthew Myro on Spirituality, Shamanism, Timelessness, and Embracing the Journey

By Fallball39 | January 25, 2019

Matthew Myro (@Matthewmyro) is a High-Performance and Transformation Coach at He is also a total bad ass when it comes to all things around health, spirituality, and embracing the journey. We cover a lot in this episode including psychedelics, shamanism, spirituality, and more. Listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts | Google Play |…


In-Group Out-Group Bias – Finding Your Tribe

By Fallball39 | January 16, 2019

If you’ve ever tried to join a new group or have gone to a part where it seemed impossible to talk to new people, then you understand the in-group out-group bias. What Is A Tribe? Return back a few hundred thousand years ago and one thing you’ll notice is the way that our ancestors traveled……


Troy Casey (Certified Health Nut) On A Holistic Approach To Healthy Living

By Fallball39 | January 9, 2019

Troy Casey (@certifiedhealthnut) is the creator of the Certified Health Nut brand. After being on his own at 14, becoming a model, and immersing himself in comedy, he wanted to blend them all together. That lead to the inception of Certified Health Nut and is helping to increase the vibration and awareness of the holistic…


There’s 1 Rule… There Are No Rules

By Fallball39 | December 27, 2018

Yes, you read that correctly. There aren’t any rules. This is going to be a short, but powerful post on the truth to the nature of our reality… And what we are often missing. A Constructed Narritive If you’ve ever watched a crime drama, then you know what a constructed narrative looks like. The writer…

Move Slowly To Make an Impact

By Fallball39 | December 20, 2018

Often I find myself trying to do something. What? I honestly can’t tell you, but I know that I’m trying to do something so I either: Don’t have to do something else Stay occupied Feel productive Essentially, I find myself doing, and doing at a rapid pace in order to stop myself from slowing down,…


James Fell on the Holy Shit Moment and Kickstarting Your Life

By Fallball39 | December 12, 2018

James Fell (bodyforwife) is the author of The Holy Shit Moment and Lose it Right. He’s been writing articles for the Los Angeles Times since 2010, the Chicago Tribune since 2012, had columns with Chatelaine and AskMen, and been published in TIME Magazine, The Guardian, Women’s Health, Men’s Health, and many others. In this podcast, we dive into James…


How To Easily Learn Any Habit – Intentional Living

By Fallball39 | December 7, 2018

Habits are one of the most interesting concepts. Each of us, has habits whether we like them or not, choose them or not, and want them or not. They dictate about 40% of all of our actions.(1) Yet, most of the habits that we have are those that we didn’t end up choosing, and instead,…


Conscious Awareness: The Key To Less Disease, More Happiness, and a Better Life

By Fallball39 | November 24, 2018

In interviews, when discussing subjects with various people, and through research, my results always come back to one thing: Conscious awareness. By being consciously aware of what you are doing, a certain body part, or your trajectory in life, you automatically get a level up. You pull what seemed to be uncontrolled darkness into a…