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The Learning Bias – Stop Believing Everything You Learn

By Fallball39 | October 25, 2018

Anything can be learned. The problem is, that doesn’t mean what’s learned is the truth. This is something that I like to call the Learning Bias. We like to think that something we learned, becomes true to who we are. I.e. being vegan or having some sort of truth leading to you becoming a vegan…


Dr. Philip Blair on CBD Oil, Health, and How To Get The Most from A Dose

By Fallball39 | October 19, 2018

Dr. Philip Blair is an MD specializing in the healing aspects of CBD. He is at the forefront of knowledge when it comes to using CBD oil for pain, health, and a host of reasons. On Pro Health Advisors he helps patients with extraordinary disease management, and he also serves as a consultant for the…


Success, Our Greatest Illusion | Nothingness is The Goal

By Fallball39 | October 10, 2018

What is Success? Ahh good ole success. I talk about success a lot. I mean, check facebook, youtube, instagram, and anywhere else. These places are filled with guru’s teaching you how to be successful. Although, they aren’t. Success implies a finish or end. Quite literally the definition of success is: The achievement of something desired,…


Asher Yaron on The Truth About The Perfect Cup of Coffee

By Fallball39 | October 2, 2018

Asher Yaron (@pak_kopi) is the creator of Coffee Truther, Coffee visionary, Coffee University on Youtube, and founder of the new Power Roaster. His Ted Talk on The Fourth Wave of Coffee is a fantastic overview of the new breed of home roasters looking for incredibly fresh beans. Coffee lovers… This one is for you. Listen…


Are You Numb or Crazy? – Being Yourself in A Pharma World

By Fallball39 | September 27, 2018

How To Get Addicted To Being Numb It starts like anything else. We do something once and like it. Then we continue to do the same thing until it becomes ingrained in us like the etchings in a grade school table. If you are familiar with classical conditioning, then you understand the saliva-bell scenario. Essentially,…


Nathan Hatch on Thyroid Cancer and Mastering Metabolism

By Fallball39 | September 22, 2018

Nathan Hatch (@naytehatch) is the founder and creator of Fuck Portion Control. Nathan reversed his thyroid cancer utilizing principles based on healing metabolism and overall health. Nathan and I discuss an incredible amount about health and wellness in this episode, a lot of which is counter to what most people have been told. Listen to…


Kiki Bosch on Disrupting Comfort and Cold Water Diving

By Fallball39 | September 12, 2018

Kiki Bosch (_kiki.bosch_) is the creator of Disrupt the comfort, a Wim Hof certified trainer, and an all-around badass. Kiki travels the world helping people get out of their comfort, spearheads a cold water freediving movement, and teaching how to get in connection with the present moment. Kiki and I explore a lot of concepts in…


How To Start and Master Self Learning (Autodidacticism)

By Fallball39 | September 10, 2018

Each and every one of us has our innate curiosities. Curiosity is often what leads us to self-study.  Self-study leads to the self-learning bug of autodidacticism. If you are unfamiliar with autodidacticism, here’s a quick description by Wikipedia: Autodidacticism (also autodidactism) or self-education (also self-learning and self-teaching) is education without the guidance of masters (such as…


The Perception of Effort – How To Win Long Term

By Fallball39 | August 31, 2018

A Massive Problem Often I spend time thinking about why people do or don’t do things. Jordan Peterson talks about this in length. The fact that with surgery and horrible illnesses people don’t follow directions crucial to their health and fall ill/into deaths arms from it. It’s a complicated subject. On one hand, we have…


Jay Feldman on Your Metabolism and How to Be Healthy

By Fallball39 | August 28, 2018

Jay Feldman (@jfwellness) is an independent researcher on the fields of health and alternative means of achieving health. On Jay Feldman wellness, Jay helps show alternative methods for true health using a bio-energetic viewpoint. In this podcast, we dive into health, metabolism, how cells work and process energy, and so much more. Listen to the podcast…