Asher Yaron on The Truth About The Perfect Cup of Coffee

Asher Yaron (@pak_kopi) is the creator of Coffee Truther, Coffee visionary, Coffee University on Youtube, and founder of the new Power Roaster. His Ted Talk on The Fourth Wave of Coffee is a fantastic overview of the new breed of home roasters looking for incredibly fresh beans.

Coffee lovers… This one is for you.

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Show Notes

00:15 –
03:00 – Where Asher Yaron’s story begins.
08:50 – How a freshly roasted cup of coffee transformed his life.
16:00 – Fluid Bed Roasting instead of propane roasting
23:00 – Consciousness and Coffee
27:50 – The first users of Coffee (the monks.)
34:00 – Fresh Coffee vs. Not Fresh Coffee (characteristics)
37:30 – What Asher’s favorite coffee is…
44:20 – The 4 major types of coffee and what to look for.
52:15 – Intermittent Fasting
53:30 – Joe Dispenza guided meditation and DMT
58:20 – What Asher’s high leverage skill is.
1:01:50 – What he is currently questioning

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