Brad Pilon from Eat Stop Eat on Fasting and Thin Air

Brad Pilon (@bradpilon) is the author of Eat Stop Eat, How Much Protein, and Good Belly Bad Belly. His newest book is Thin Air, which is all about how our air quality, C02 levels, and environment affect our lives.

Unlike most authors, Brad conducts his research and tests what he teaches. After releasing one of the first intermittent fasting guides and a detailed study of how fasting can not only lead to improved health but fat loss and muscle gain, he was labeled as the fasting guy before it took mainstream.

In this interview, we break down a lot more than fasting and dive into the environment and how it affects overall health.

Please enjoy this conversation with Brad Pilon.

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Show Notes

01:00 – Brad’s journey into Fitness
03:50 – How Brad’s young know it all supplement phase lead him into the science
05:00 – Starting by looking at the science of not eating lead to intermittent fasting
06:30 – The truth about how the supplement industry is set up
08:00 – Finding the research from a press release… A No No
10:00 – The amount of protein you actually need
11:45 – The variance depending on goals for how much protein you need
13:30 – Diet-induced stress and taking fasting too far
17:30 – Gut health, cold therapy, and Brad’s next endeavors
20:00 – 98% of our time is spent inside
23:00 – How looking into the areas that people think you are crazy about, should be where you go
24:00 – Eyesight and Sunlight
27:00 – C02 levels in the air
30:00 – The one part of the environment that if controlled could improve health and energy
35:00 – Brad’s new book Thin Air
36:30 – Office dissatisfaction and amount of employees
38:30 – How Brad treats his wife’s headaches
40:00 – The true measurements of the Mediterranean diet
44:00 – Organ’s and Pavlovian conditioning
47:00 – Brad’s High Leverage Skill
49:00 – Malicious intent vs. Malevolent intent
54:30 – The perfect Batman movie
56:00 – What Brad is currently questioning
58:00 – Is success what we are after?
1:00:00 – Documentary of the cluttered life of the middle class
1:04:00 – The level of serenity and disconnect from what we think we need
1:06:45 – Replacing success with fulfillment
1:08:15 – What Brad is obsessed with

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