Dr. Bruce Damer on Endogenous Tripping and Creating Your Life

Dr. Bruce Damer ( is the founder and creator of

He’s worked with NASA helping to create Virtual Worlds, Google, and has helped in mapping out the origin of life. After his back-to-back ted talks (here | here)  he has been focusing on spreading a concept that millions of us actively participate in, endo-tripping. 

In this episode, Dr. Bruce Damer and I explore Endogenous tripping and how we can use our internal systems to create external reality.

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Show Notes

01:30 – How Dr. Bruce discovered Endo Tripping
06:00 – The origin of life coming through an endogenous trip (Einstein thought experiments)
10:40 – How to start endo tripping and activate this amazing tool
12:35 – The formation of Digital Space
16:00 – Imagination, Intention, Attention, and Action leading to the download
22:00 – Knowledge precursors in deciphering the downloads
24:45 – Natural dmt released by the body
32:00 – Using dreams to increase the ability to endo trip.
36:00 – Society of minds and our sub personalities
40:00 – Hidden Protective Mechanisms
47:00 – The cycle of grinding and burning out
54:40 – How to have a breakthrough and falling into success
58:00 – Terrence Mckenna – Culture is not your friend (same with commercial advertising)
1:00:00 – Media and Advertising Pollution
1:07:00 – Building walls to help prevent overflow of water and degradation of labs

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