Carter Good on Life, Failure, and What The Future Holds

Carter Good (@cartergood) is the master of fitness infographics, the pizza-salad guy and one of my good friends.

After working with Carter for six months at the inception of his fitness career, we’ve got to know each other a lot, although in this episode we really dive into how Carter got to where he is today.

From his struggles with excess weight to being reserve grand champion at the fair, and of course what the future looks like.

This episode is jam-packed with so much goodness.

Please enjoy this conversation with Carter Good.

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Show Notes:

Here’s some of what we talk about:
Why I was bowing anytime I met someone – 00:30
Carter’s Favorite Fonts – 3:30
The start of Carter’s Journey – 4:45
Stumbling On Happiness – 5:50
How Carter was the reserve grand champion of taking pigs to the fair – 7:15
Why Carter really started his fitness journey – 8:00
College as the hardest time of his life – 12:15
When I met Carter – 14:00
The War of Art – 16:00
Carter’s Groundhog Day Scenario – 19:00
What Carter loves about coaching – 22:00
His newest course that will be released soon – 26:00
Why Carter actively trys to fail – 32:00
The Higher Leverage Skill of Intellectual Honesty – 34:00
What Carter Questions Everything About – 37:00
The different types of time – 39:00
Traveling Month-to-Month – 42:00
Did Carter get approached by a modeling agent? – 45:00

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