Hey, I’m Austin Floyd

Let me tell you… Life isn’t what it seems to be.

I started just like everyone else. I went to school, I got good grades (for the most part), and I went about life like nothing was different.

After beating depression and dropping the excess weight I was holding, I started to see things differently.

No, not like opening a banana from the wrong side differently or “Austin those dragons aren’t real" differently, but instead, I saw that our one life is a lot more than it's chalked up to be.

I started a website blogging my journey through life called Mindful Lifestyle. Quickly I was pulled out of college and recruited by a start-up company because of Mindful Lifestyle. Which then star

This became a new beginning in my life, living on the beach in Florida instead of a frat house at Michigan State University.

After spending over $5 million on advertising for a few popular fitness brands, I learned a lot, yet what I learned most was about life.

It took me 100s of books, the experience of building a start-up, 5-hour mediations and a lot of work to create what Heightened Living is.

A place to teach the high leverage skills that can help anyone attain a better life.

You are the artist and life is your canvas, but you need the paint to make a masterpiece. These high leverage skills will provide a base, and by combining and mixing and living life with them in your easel, that masterpiece will be easier to create than ever.

Now, this is what I do full-time. Help people like you learn how to create Heightened Living.

And I'm excited for you to be joining me.

Thanks for being you,

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