Conscious Awareness: The Key To Less Disease, More Happiness, and a Better Life

In interviews, when discussing subjects with various people, and through research, my results always come back to one thing:

Conscious awareness.

By being consciously aware of what you are doing, a certain body part, or your trajectory in life, you automatically get a level up.

You pull what seemed to be uncontrolled darkness into a controllable light.

Which is ultimately, what we all constantly do.

That’s why, in order to live our best lives, free of disease, happy, and fulfilled, we need to simply become more aware.

What is Consicous Awareness?

Take a second and focus on your breath.

How does it feel? Where does it feel warm? Can you tell how full your lungs are?

Until you start to notice each of these sensation, they just continue to occur without awareness.

Conscious awareness, allows you to pull the everyday things that occur all around you, into your life.

Subsequently, your awareness allows you to do with those sensations what you would like to.

Unlike what we are taught, we can pull almost anything into our conscious awareness, a lot of which relies on something called the Reticular Activating System (RAS.)

That means, what we aren’t aware of, we won’t become aware of, unless our RAS pulls it in.

Why Is It Important?

Without knowing what consciously happens around us, we often feel helpless and develop self-helplessness.

If we don’t know how to cure a disease, we feel at the mercy of a doctor.

When we don’t know what to do to get rid of a computer virus, we are at the mercy of a Geek Squad Nerd.

And when we don’t know how to shake depression, we become the trapped self while the character takes over who we think we are.

Yes, this is important.

Without conscious awareness, there is no conscious action or control.

We live at the mercy of a host of events that we can’t and never will control, and thus the world seems out of our control.

Can Being Consciously Aware Mitigate Disease?

Here’s the incredible part…

Being conscious of your body, health, and even organs can lead to mitigation of disease.

While this seems to be a bold claim, there is evidence to show that by having a more conscious awareness of your body you can mitigate disease simply because you move and understand that body part. (1)(2)

(It may also be because you are getting more fluid and nutrients to that area.)

On top of that, there is a consensus that those more in touch with their bodies, take better care of it, know what areas need more attention, and can tell where something is off.

And that gut intuition that something is off is very important.

What You Put Energy Into Grows

Let’s break down what we are.

Lightforms. Or in other words, the only reason for anything that we can see and not see, things that exist or don’t exist, is from light.

No sun and no light, means there isn’t anything. 

Molecules don’t move and subsequently, we have the absence of motion and movement.

Keep that thought…

We often use the phrase “shedding light on” because of this fact. When we start to consciously notice and pull something into awareness we shed light on it.

It can be alive, and subsequently it begins to live.

For instance, when a doctor tells us that something is wrong with us, suddenly we feel exactly what he was talking about.

Whether placebo or not, the conscious awareness of what he was saying paired with that area of our body leads to a creation of our own mind.

What we put energy into, is what grows.

Meaning that if we only focus on the positive aspects of life, we will grow mainly only the positive aspect.

This is where conscious intention becomes more important.

The more we learn to control our thoughts and manage our mind as a garden, the better we can utilize conscious awareness to create the life we would like to have.

How To Start Becoming More Aware

Which leads us to the most important question.

How do we become more aware?

It starts by looking into the darkness, the void of information, and learning about exactly what you didn’t want to look at before.

Whether that is YOU taking control of your health by researching, or if that simply is exploring a side of you that you’ve never known, this is where everything starts.

By doing.

You won’t know anything until you start doing, and when you realize you don’t know something try to find someone who does.

This is the common reason people seek out mentors.

They want to learn how to get to Y from X, and they have no conceivable idea how to do it.

On the other hand, if you know how to do something and have the knowledge, don’t put it off.

Use what you know immediately.

Or, to shed some more light on it, by not doing something when you have the knowledge you are purposely creating an environment where you don’t support yourself.

All in all, become an autodidact who learns for the sake of learning and using the knowledge they uncover.

We all have a map or model that we are building, and without learning to become consciously aware of what you can influence (just about everything) you’ll wind up a monotonous part of the masses.

Although, I’m not worried because I know that isn’t you.

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