David Burkus On Friend of A Friend and Honest Networking

David Burkus (FB: David Burkus) is the author of Under New Management, The Myths of Creativity and his newest book Friend of A Friend. David is a speaker and TED Talk lecturer with almost 2 million views on his video Why You Should Know How Much Your Coworkers Get Paid.

In this podcast, we break down a lot, but most importantly we cover the bases that networking shouldn’t be shady or something you don’t want to do but instead be something natural. We also go over how not only do your friends affect you, but you friend of friends as well.

So without further ado, let’s get into this podcast with David Burkus.

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Show Notes:

00:20 – What is David’s Favorite Superhero?
01:00 – Bank robber Batman scenario by Brad Pilon
02:45 – What is David’s drive to networking and the onset of his story
04:40 – Multiplexity being important for life
06:10 – What project is your most exciting right now or what are you proud of right now?
08:20 – Talking to a human, like they are a human
10:00 – Social media addiction and dependency
11:10 – The Dunbar number and superconnectors
13:40 – The power law (Pareto’s principle) of Networking
15:20 – Preferential attachment and superconnectors
16:30 – Power users of social networks and happiness
18:20 – The five closest friends theory, and how our friend’s friends influence us
21:10 – Getting rid of toxic relationships (Intervals of time)
22:30 – Intentionality with relationships
24:00 – How college matches you with people, but it doesn’t mean that you want to be friends with them
27:20 – Hitler, Stalin, Mass Hysteria and Threshold Theory
28:10 – The Popular Mind
30:00 – Homophily and it’s effect on life
31:00 – Developing the network that you want to have
33:00 – Who are you connected to already?
35:00 – Using your resources
35:30 – Higher Leverage Skill
38:30 – What David is questioning
41:30 – David’s obsession (jiu jitzu)

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