Derek John on Men’s Fashion and Surviving The Summer Heat

Derek John (@iamderekjohn) is a fashion and style master, as well as a fitness fanatic. Currently, he makes Instagram stories and IG posts while working full time to help show real-life fashion tips that accentuate a good physique.

Without further ado, welcome Derek John

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Show Notes:

1:15 – Where Derek John’s fashion roots started
2:30 – The Emo band shirt culture and its evolution
3:50 – The evolution to modern street style
5:00 – Style and how the better you dress, the better people treat you
6:50 – How caring for yourself is shown through style
7:30 – Pumping Iron had it right…
8:50 – Aesthetic Revolution
9:45 – Is there a way to dress up Vibram 5 fingers
11:00 – What to wear to the gym for functionality and style
13:50 – Derek’s system for finding your unique style
15:45 – Trent’s Style evolution
17:15 – Summer style for men
19:30 – What Derek is looking forward to in the style industry
22:00 – Plan’s for IAMDEREKJOHN
24:00 – Derek’s High Leverage Skill
28:00 – Simple Habit app for meditation
29:30 – Challenging Derek to use Dr.Joe Dispenza’s Meditation
30:30 – What Derek is currently questioning
33:20 – Age is a mindset
34:00 – Why Derek is obsessed with Story Telling lately
37:00 – Derek’s  and C02

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