Developing Personal Connections and The Key To Successful Networking

We’ve all been there.

Sweaty palms, bright lights, and fake smiles…


To some, that word is dreaded, and┬áto others, it’s a tool for use.

For anyone with Heightened Living, it means a lot more than we think it does, because in reality, it’s not about networking, but instead developing personal connections.

Let’s dive into the key to successful networking.

Developing Personal Connections ( The Key To Successful Networking)

Networking used to simply be a means to an end.

And when I say used to be, I’m talking about the way that most people still think about it, but not the way to thrive at it.

Successful networking comes from truly understanding the person you are talking to, and as I like to say “being a real fucking person.”

Now, we’ve all felt the feeling of someone being coy with us.

They use a fake smile, ask for a business deal or a LinkedIn connection, and investigate what they can get from you.

On the other hand, we’ve all also been in an incredible conversation with someone where we end up making a lifelong relationship, or at least some personal connection that lasts for years.

The latter is what we are looking for.

Someone that we genuinely bond with.

Not some shady business relationship where you can scratch your itch if they scratch theirs.

Focusing on building true relationships is what matters.

See, when it comes to networking, those who thrive are also the ones who create good friends and provide value as much as possible.

How Can You Successfully Network?

It doesn’t matter if you are on LinkedIn, in a bar, or at a coffee shop.

Networking should be about developing a personal connection.

Instead of using a tactic or a trick, go into a conversation openly and honest, with the intention of merely creating great conversation and providing value.

That is the simple yet underestimated way to create a network truly.

No one cares about your achievements, especially not your degree, and who you know.

What they care about is how you act to them and others.

Stop networking, start developing personal connections.

Thanks for reading,


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