Do You Need To Find a Mentor For Success in Life?

When people attribute their success to someone, more often than not they contribute it directly to a mentor.

Someone that saw what they were doing liked it and subsequently helped guide them to where they are now.

Of course, the mentor doesn’t get all of the credit, but they play a big role in the person’s evolution.

Now in this article, we are going to break down if you need to find a mentor for success in life and three different types of mentors to find.

Do You Need To Find a Mentor For Success in Life?

Yes, you do need a mentor.

Now you don’t need a mentor in the traditional sense.

With the availability of information and the ease of access to it, nature around us, and so much more, we don’t NEED a mentor in the traditional sense.

Here are three different ways to find a mentor for success in life.

1. The Traditional Mentor

This is the stereotypical image of a mentor.

The teacher and the disciple.

The Greek Philosopher who endows wisdom to the youth leading them to become the next prominent greek philosopher.

All in all, the traditional mentor is something incredibly important for the long-term growth and acceleration of someone.

In any field that someone is in, someone likely has already made the errors they will make and accomplishments they aim to achieve, which is where a traditional mentor comes in.

They help make it easier to get from point A to point B, by teaching you what exactly what to do and what typically happens.

Sometimes their information is invaluable, and other times it is the expert bias at play.

Although, regardless of the exact mentor you are working with, always remember that People are people.

Meaning that we all have biases and certain ways we think things should be.

As such your mentor will teach you in a specific way, but make sure to supplement that with either another mentor or resources to make sure you are doing whatever its the best way possible.

Triangulating information works everywhere.

2. Books, Courses, Audiobooks, and Podcasts

Now, this is where anyone can get a “mentorship.”

No, it is not as in depth and does not have the immediate benefits that having a one-on-one mentor includes.

Despite the shortcomings, this is an easy way to get in the minds of someone you would like to be your mentor.

Remember, information is only worth it if you put it to use, so testing is crucial in this style of mentorship.

Utilizing books, courses, audiobooks, and podcasts, you may actually feel like you know someone after listening to them for 10 hours a day and really understand their mindset and who they are.

And, this may be all you need to get to the next stepping stone in the journey we call life.

3. Nature and Your Environment

While abstract in nature (see what I did there) this is actually vital to life.

We are natural organic beings, crafted from mother earth.

Thus, it only makes sense that we can learn from what happens around us and how things work.

Bruce Lee loved using water and bamboo as mentors, such things that can be so peaceful or strong and chaotic.

And we see this everywhere we look.

Ido Portal studies various animals and how they move to incorporate it into his movement practice and really characterize the different walks like the Lizard Walk, the Monkey and so on.

Nature is rich with information and letting it guide you may reward you.

Okay, What Do I Need To Do?

Well, first off find out how hands on you need a mentor to be.

If you need a mentor correcting your every move, then a personal mentor is exactly what you should seek out.

Otherwise, start getting in the minds of some of the top people in the world.

Remember, you can learn anything, but it may take looking at things from someone else’s point of view.

So head to Amazon and start learning.

And lastly, go out and watch nature.

Not only will it be good for your eyes, getting off the screen and into the real world, but it will teach a lot more than you would think.

Taking lessons from everything in life and knowing how to utilize your resources are high leverage skills.

Now, go find your mentor!

That’s it for today’s article.

Thanks for reading,


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