Dr. Jerry Epstein on Why We Are Not Meant To Die and Visualization

Dr. Jerry Epstein (Jerry Epstein) is a researcher and pioneer in the visualization sciences, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and taught at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons, and author of many different books.

In his newest book, We Are Not Meant To Die; Jerry reveals how we have two paths to choose; The life path or the death path.

This interview is rich in information and bit on the spiritual side, but it’s one I’m relistening to get all of the information absorbed. 

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Show Notes

01:28 – Dr. Jerry Epstein’s Journey and Special Area of Study
08:40 – Internal reality vs. External reality and the ramifications of a cluttered state.
13:50 – Heaven and hell existing now based on our creations
18:15 – Kundalini, Adam and Eve, and the mother like the aspect of the snake.
22:45 – We Are Not Meant To Die
26:45 – 4-D, The Astral Plane, and The Psychedelic Realm
30:30 – The near-death experience
36:15 – The quantum realm, visualization, and the difference between imagination and meditation.
42:00 – Jerry’s High Leverage Skill (an experience)

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