Eli Wilde on Wilde Influence, Beliefs, and Cold Showers

Eli Wilde (@iamwilde) is a man of many faces. After his mom won $7 million on the lottery, Eli started to believe in magic. This led to his journeys through Colorado and finally to becoming the top salesperson for Tony Robbins. After that, he began Wilde Influence where he teaches every step of influence to those wanting more out of life.

I’ve gotten to know Eli well over the past two years, but this interview covers a lot we’ve never talked about.

Without further ado, here’s Eli Wilde.

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1:00 – Eli Wilde’s Story
The Dr.Joe Dispenza Video – https://youtu.be/eEW9bIGMEfE
3:00 – What all successful people do
3:45 – Pattern recognition and the art of recreating patterns
5:00 – Intentional actions in life (The Power of Intention)
8:30 – Power vs. Force and Energetic Motion
12:00 – The 4 step process to learning and integration
14:30 – The sense of certainty and law of attraction
15:30 – Conscious intention in actions
17:00 – Living in a tent and moving to Colorado
19:15 – Feeling alone and Shawshank Redemption leading to his big move
21:00 – How Eli wanted to be smart and would decipher words to figure it out.
22:30 – Eli’s exploration with being a model
26:00 – Experiencing abundance and the spark of magic (when his mom won the lottery)
27:00 – Beliefs and how they impact us
28:30 – You Need to believe it if you want to see it – Walt Disney
29:20 – Eli’s skill as a master wordsmith
32:00 – The difference between competence and confidence
33:15 – Gary Vee and Tai Lopez’s consistency
34:30 – Eli’s event with Jordan Belfort and outselling him
36:00 – How Eli became the Top Salesperson of Tony Robbins (9 Figures)
38:20 – The Bali break
Nas Daily – https://youtu.be/D0sJidepYQE
42:00 – Eli’s Yoga practice (Kundalini, Ashtanga, Yoga Barn)
44:00 – The core 4 that Eli uses.
46:00 – The 7 figure body and Jesse Elder
48:00 – Eli’s chance with Tony and forgoing pay for a while.
50:00 – The master hypnotist Eli is working with and Flow
53:00 – Eli’s lethal sales process
53:40 – The 3 types of people in a business
57:00 – Eli taking on a handful of more one-on-one clients and releasing a program
58:20 – Why Eli changed his last name
59:00 – Eli’s High Leverage Skill
1:01:00 – Why we need to ask the right questions
1:04:00 – What Eli is questioning
1:10:00 – Eli’s Downloadable PDF on Wildeinfluence.com

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