Dr. Emily Splichal on Barefoot Strong and Reclaiming Your Feet

Dr. Emily Splichal (@Dremilydpm) is the author of Barefoot Strong, The owner of EBFA Global which teaches people how to take control of barefoot health and foot care, the creator of the Naboso Technology, and an expert when it comes to reclaiming your feet and being able to move at your own accord.

In this episode, we break down many amazing topics (e.g. plantar fasciitis, childbirth and, high heels) and dive into how we all should be barefoot strong.

You live with your feet every day for the rest of your life… So why not take care of them.

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Show Notes:

01:15 – Emily’s Story about getting into this training.

06:30 – Why did Emily move away from the traditional western medicine approach to podiatry?

12:00 – What does a well-functioning foot look and feel like?

15:00 – Do Vibram five-fingers actually work?

17:45 – How to correct from wearing high-heels and other forms rigid locked position shoes.

20:00 – The way women get affected by pregnancy for foot and body posture.

23:00 – How to feel your feet and start rehabbing your feet.

37:00 – Dynamic posture and 2-point discrimination for better texture.

39:00 – The Naboso Technology (For Better Muscle Engagement and Posture.)

41:30 – Emily’s High Leverage Skill

43:40 – What Emily is questioning.

46:20 – What Emily Splichal is currently obsessed with.

50:00 – Emily’s new book Barefoot Strong.

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