Frank Forencich on Exuberant Animal and The New Old Way

Frank Forencich (@exuberant_animal) is the creator of Exuberant Animal and author of two books (the newest one to be released later this year called The New Old Way.) After studying in Africa, understanding the complexities of human movement, and finding the new old way Frank began teaching the amazing principles of movement, fun, Ubuntu and many others with the intention of helping people become happier more fulfilled humans.

In this podcast, we cover Ubuntu, where the world is heading, natural movement (how beginners can start) and so much more.

So get ready for this episode with Frank Forencich.

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Show Notes

01:00 – Where Frank’s story began
02:30 – Ubuntu and tribe based identity
05:20 – The creation of Exuberant Animal
06:45 – The New Old Way
08:30 – The interdependence that we have with the environment
10:40 – Movement, exercise, and our human nature
13:20 – Sports and their impact on the physical movement
17:45 – How the human can be complete
21:00 – Transactional relationships and that role in our tribes
22:50 – Tribe by Sebastian Junger
25:00 – What systems and businesses have in common
26:30 – Following your curiosity
28:00 – Stumbling on Happiness
29:20 – Extrinsic vs. Intrinsic Rewards (and Punished By Rewards)
31:20 – Movement, Exercise, and how things work in a day-to-day fashion
35:20 – Physical Apathy and not knowing your own body
39:15 – How to fit the Exuberant Animal lifestyle into your life
43:00 – What is Frank’s High Leverage Skill
44:50 – What he is currently questioning?
47:45 – Frank’s current obsession

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