Anything Can Be Learned

What Do You Want To Learn?

Let's start here.

Because that's what we need to think about.

If you don't have anything that you want to learn and there is no reason for learning, well then odds are you aren't going to learn something.

Learning is a foundational element of who we are as humans.

We often think "it's just the way it is."

It's not.

Never allow this thinking paradigm to occupy your mind, I won't, and I'm sorry, but I'm going to hold you up to my standards (because I know you can handle it.)

We as humans can learn just about anything.

From the time we are born we start with 200 billion neurons, but after a year end up with only 100 billion strengthened pathways.

These neurons are the ones that survived, and they are the foundation of your being.

With neurogenesis, we can switch up the pathways and rebuild new neuronal structures, leading to better thoughts, etc.

Our brain can be transformed from learning and performing different tasks.

Now, let's start with a few examples.

Getting Ripped | Building Technology | Making Money

These are three of the most prominent things people don't think they can learn.

"Well, its just genetics" or "they've been building robots since they were a child" or "come on they started with money."

We love to blame other people for our inabilities.

But, these are not inabilities they are clouded judgments that when left alone and cleared, can show us our pathway.

You can learn how to get ripped, you can learn how to get rich, and you can create a knack for coding and building technology.

That's the truth.

We are adaptable because if we weren't thousands of years ago, we would die.

And you aren't dead.

So you can adapt.

We can learn just about anything, and odds are, someone has tried before.

When I graduated high school, my godfather spent a few weeks on a poem for me.

This poem changed my mindset forever.

In it, he wrote one sentence "remember wherever you are or whatever happens that you aren't the only one, this has happened to someone else, and you can learn from them."

Books, mentors, and experiences are the way I do this.

And you can too.

What About A Predisposition?

Yes, some people have better genes, they were born into a wealthy family, or they have a knack for something.

I've seen womanizers and professional male seducers that are born with it, people who can play video games better than anyone I know, and gifted entrepreneurs that start selling out of the womb.


It doesn't matter.

They aren't you.

You have the unique ability to want to learn something, and because of that you ultimately can learn anything.

Richard Branson isn't anyone special.

He was born, he experienced his youth and gained different thoughts that maturated with him, and then he executed.

Through his career, he learned a lot, but he started just like you with a blank slate ready to experience.

And he LEARNED what to do.

Leading us to this point.

Anything Can Be Learned

Everything from Richard Branson's business skills to Muhammed Ali's boxing skills.

It can be learned.

You can learn anything you need to, utilize your resources, and then stay curious for the rest of the time.

That's one of the strongest character qualities.

To be curiously curious.

I'll read about the creation of paper clips and learn about how amazing they are because I'm looking for the high leverage skill within then.

Understanding that you can learn anything is a high leverage mindset on its own.

And it will open up doors.

But, before you finish the fundamentals, we need to discuss the last one: Question Everything


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