High Leverage Skills Are Worth More

Higher Leverage Skills Are Worth More

Most skills aren't really skills at all.

You read that right.

People think that by learning "skills" in certain aspects of life that they are creating an area for growth that will set them up for success.

Often, they are drastically incorrect.

See the problem is that the skill they've learned only can be applied to what they are currently doing.

A specific task or job or action.

It can't translate from fitness to writing to thinking to speaking to sex and back.

Instead, it becomes something that takes up time and allows you to do something in the short term, without giving back the time in the long-term.

Yes, you may get better at that specific skill.

But what if there was a different way?

What if we could dramatically increase our ability in that specific area as well as many other areas of life?

And then still learn the specialized skill.

Luckily we can...

Enter Higher Leverage Skills (HLS)...

Higher Leverage Skills aren't your typical skills.

No, it's not the ability to do a planche in the gym or cook like Gordon Ramsey.

HLS is a lot different.

They rely solely on the premise of giving you multiple benefits across various domains, and they are unrivaled at that.

Let's give Higher Leverage Skills a definition right here:

A Skill That Applies To Multiple Fields, Providing a Benefit in Each, But Only Needing To Be Learned In One.

The most prominent example... learning.

Learning To Learning - The Value of High Leverage Skills

Learning is a complicated thing for us humans.

It's the foundation of our society. School, Jobs, Specialized positions, etc.

So many of us are entirely terrible at learning, like way worse than we think.

We sit in school and think we are learning. We go to work and think that we learned what to do (until the humbling commences.)

Instead, what if you could get better at learning?

Well, then everything would become much more accessible in life because from that point on you can learn ANYTHING better.

That is a higher leverage skill.

One that allows you to translate it (in this case) to everything.

By learning to learn better (which will be the topic of many blog posts), one can learn anything better.

That is why HLS give you a better life.

It cuts down the clutter by creating essential skills and habits that can translate to all areas of your life.

And in the end, make it heightened.



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